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Stand Out on Graduation Day with These Creative Cap Ideas

We’re almost through finals week, collegiettes! Now it’s time to start looking ahead to something way more exciting than being stuck inside studying during this 75-degree weather (Um, hello, I don’t think that’s what Kenny Chesney would be doing). Graduation is this weekend! And, while we’ve already talked about how to stand out in pictures, let’s find out how to let our personalities shine during the actual ceremony.

Decorating the top of your graduation cap is a fun tradition that lets you show off your creative side and add a little “you” to that silly outfit. Plus, it’ll help your family spot you among the thousands of other grads in Gampel!

A quick Pinterest search can spark a ton of inspiration but I’ve rounded up a few of the best ideas for embellishing your cap in case you’re stumped:

1. Shout out to the parentals. Thank mom and dad (and, of course, coffee) for all of their support over the years, or give them some news you weren’t sure they’d take so well. You’re pick.

2. Showoff what all your hard work has led to. Desgin your cap with your future career in mind and be proud of what you’ve accomplished!

3. Get punny with it. Have fun with your cap, there are numerous puns just waiting to be used!


4. Travel the world. Now that you’re not weighted down by books and classes (and perhaps not yet a job), the world is your oyster.

5. Calling all superheroes. Graduating college is no easy feat, we can all be heroes in our own way so why not pull some inspiration from our favorite comic book superherous.

6. Go to the movies. As a pop culture junkie, I find myself quoting movies all of the time and, sometimes, movies are all that got me through hard times (ahem, finals). So, why not put a favorite line on top that everyone can relate to.


7. The pen is mightier.  Take inspiration from your favorite song lyrics or quotes, everyone who reads your hat on graduation day will feel a bit more optimistic.

And when you’re all done and graduated, you can commemorate this time with an adorable shadow box!

Go ahead, collegiettes, take a study break and get crafting!

Congratulations! HCXO

Currently a senior at the University of Connecticut, Grace McMorrow is pursuing a degree in Journalism and Communications.  From a young age she could be found sitting in a comfy corner devouring a book or filling up a journal and her love of words has only grown with age. She's learned to embrace her awkward, quirky nature once she learned being like Mia Thermopolis or Jessica Day isn't all that bad. Grace tends to spend her free time staying up to date on pop culture, obsessing over fictional characters, and daydreaming about her next faraway travel destination.
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