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The Stages of Saying Goodbye to the Obamas

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Well the time has come collegiates. It is officially the end of the amazing eight years that the Obama family has provided. Now I don’t know about you, but this has been an extremely hard goodbye for me. The stages I went through this last week were unreal, and I know some of you must have went through the same.

1. Denial 

Even in December, I acted like the Obamas were staying FOREVER. When people would talk about it I wouldn’t listen, or I would just tell them that the Obamas couldn’t possibly leave the White House.

2. Anger

FOUR MORE YEARS! MICHELLE 2020! I think I commented on the Obamas’ Facebook page tons of times trying to get them to stay, and when people talked about their leaving I almost left the conversation.

3. Sadness 

This stage was a long one. The amount of 2 a.m. tears I shed over winter break was kind of ridiculous. I would look back at interviews the Obamas had done and literally would just cry the entire time.

4. Acceptance 

I can say that I have officially come to this stage, and I hope that you all have too. The Obamas have done some amazing things these last eight years, and while it may be hard, we do have say goodbye. I guess all there’s left to say is thank you, not only to President Obama, but to the entire Obama family.

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Sade is currently a senior at UConn, and is enrolled as a Human Development and Family Studies major. Sade enjoys binge-watching youtube videos, doing her makeup, and people who get her name right the first time meeting her (shah-day). Sade hopes to go into early education, preferably into teaching at a head start or birth-to-three center.