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The Stages of Post-Nickel Night

Happy Thursday UConn Huskies! Your week is just about done, you have no exams tomorrow, your assignments are completed, sooooo......... you know what that means. It is a perfect night for Nickel. You gather your friends, and your $1 bills and head out to your favorite UConn Bar. The drinks go down, the night is a blast and before you know it, it is Friday morning. Here are the few stages that every Husky can relate to on a Post-Nickel morning.

Stage 1: The slow, dreaded wake up

Stage 2: You think you feel okay. *Wow, I still got it!* But then, you sit up and try to get out of bed

Stage 3: The room slowly begins to spin and you notice you are still in the clothes you wore last night.  *Just lay back down*

Stage 4: You and your roommate try to piece together the night. We did what?!

Stage 5: You look at your phone and all the pictures you took

Stage 6: And screenshots your friends took of the Snapchats you sent them

Stage 7: You hold your breath as you check your wallet. *Hopes for the best, only to see the worst*

Stage 8: You thank your sober-self for leaving water lined up on your nightstand for your morning-after self

Stage 9: And your roommate for delivering all, every and any type of carb to your bedside 

Stage 10: You drag your body to the bathroom

Stage 11: As your roommate and friends stand in the doorway trying to give you a pep talk. "You will be fine", They said...

Stage 12: You gain the strength to get up and head to class. Looking good; feeling good... or at least, that is what you try to convince yourself

Next week: You do it all over again 

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