Spring Semester as Told By a Freshman

Spring Semester: the dreaded time after a winter break. Called spring semester, but there’s no spring in the air. You start in the coldest weather possible and the roads are all iced over.


Nothing compares to the amount of snow days you had in high school, and now there’s barely anything (thanks Susan). It could literally be heavily snowing outside with 6 inches, and somehow there’s enough money to hire snow plows, but not for better parking and transportation.

And then you don’t get the “classes cancelled” text in the morning after you stayed up too late celebrating the snow. You go on Snow Day Calculator and it says 98% chances of classes cancelled, but somehow Susan hits you with that 2% chances of classes actually being on. So now you have to trudge through the snow with the wind tunnels to get to your classes.



But on the rare day, you never know what weather UConn’s gonna pull. You could go from 25°F to 60°F in a span of a day, literally within 24 hours. You have no idea what to wear because it could either make you very chilly or end up with you sweating everything out.



You go into the semester thinking it’s 4.0 season, and you say you’re going to make better life choices and spend more time in Homer B… but it’s funny how life works out and everything you promised yourself is false. And after you get hit with that first exam, you realize that it’s actually 3.0 season, and you think, “4.0 who? Never heard of her”.

And the best part, seeing how packed the gym is during the first two weeks back on campus. Suddenly everyone thinks “new year, new me!” Apparently it’s the best time to go to gym, but the reality is that after 2 weeks it’s all going downhill, and gym attendance decreases by a lot.



But things pile up quickly and you realize you’re actually back on your bullsh*t. You thought this was the year for you, but you do the same things you did last semester, and probably the same things you’re going to do next semester. We love you spring semester.