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Spring Lookbook: Stay-At-Home Edition

This past year, I made the difficult decision to stay home my junior year of college and take all virtual classes. For me, that meant wearing a lot of sweatpants and matching sets. Once warmer weather came along, I wanted to challenge myself to put away the sweatpants and dress up more. Here’s a school week’s worth of outfits that are perfect for spring, and can easily transition into the summer season too. 



[bf_image id="wznmkbj3bspccp7h3chpgkg"]

I decided to start the week off with a simple 90s-inspired look. If there is one thing you’ll want to try this spring and summer season, it’s a pair of light-wash straight-cut jeans. For the hotter months, you can easily take off the cardigan and throw on a tank for a cute and casual look.



[bf_image id="ghm79cqk2gfbfvqngzsbrpbw"]

You can’t go wrong with pairing pastels together in the spring. This season's trendiest colors are light green, periwinkle, baby pink, light purple, and pale yellow. And, if you live in a place with unpredictable weather like me, pastel chunky knit cardigans like this one will become your lifesaver. 



[bf_image id="w3rkhvxxgkphv9vc8wmrkhm"]

This spring and summer, dainty floral patterns are everywhere. Short dresses like this one have become a staple in my wardrobe because they are incredibly comfortable. If I was going out in this outfit, I would pair it with a small shoulder bag, hair scarf, and big sunglasses. 



[bf_image id="sbn6shq4bq83x9vmntfwtg"]

For this look, I channeled the early 2000s with a floral midi skirt, keyhole shirt, and slingback sandals. This outfit was one of my favorites of the week because it can easily be adapted for the summer by just swapping out the keyhole shirt with a y2k inspired halter top. 



[bf_image id="f49w9c96nk59fshnv86j9xwp"]

I know I said that I wouldn’t be wearing sweatpants this spring and summer, but I never said anything about sweatshorts. Sweatshorts have become really popular this year because of their versatility and comfort. No matter what season, there will always be rainy days; a pair of sweatshorts is just the thing you need to keep you cozy.


The pandemic and virtual learning setting have made it difficult for me to feel motivated to get dressed up every day, and I know I’m not alone. But I have found that putting on a nice outfit even if I have nowhere to go makes me feel confident and way more productive. If you’re guilty of staying in your PJs or sweats all day, challenge yourself this spring and summer to get dressed up every day, even if you are staying home. Push yourself out of your comfort zone (literally and figuratively) and try the season's newest trends and styles to see what makes you feel your best. I promise you, it will be worth it.

Laura is a Senior at the University of Connecticut majoring in Communication and minoring in Entrepreneurship. She has a passion for fashion and photography. Laura is also the current Events Chair for Her Campus UCONN!
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