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These flattering, bustier tops have been on the rise ever since the viral Urban Outfitters "Modern Love Corset" top blew up the internet. I predict Urban Outfitters, along with other brands, will come out with even more colors and styles to prolong this trend throughout the spring. The "Modern Love Corset" pictured below looks great with a simple pair of jeans, but you can also dress it up.

Leather Pants

Leather is coming back and is better than ever! The great thing about leather pants is that they are not only flattering, but they go with anything and everything. Almost every girl I know has either bought or is considering buying a pair of these sleek, shiny pants. Personally, I just invested in a pair from Edikted and could not be happier with the quality. I understand why people have been raving about this trend and highly recommend it.

Colorful Athleisure Sets

With the warm season coming up, people are more motivated to get outside and be active. I find that I enjoy being active more when I’m wearing a coordinated outfit (look good, feel good). My favorite athleisure trend this spring is definitely colorful workout sets. These can be found at many retailers from Lululemon, to Gymshark, to Athleta, to Amazon. Each brand offers a range of different colors, styles, and prices that will guarantee to get you excited to get active this spring.

Slicked Back Ponytail

This is a hair trend I've been starting to notice and am a huge fan of. This style is very neat and precise, since all of you baby hairs are slicked back. Also, this hairstyle is a classy way to keep your hair out of your face in the warm spring weather, while still managing to look put together. I would recommend using some form of gel or hairspray to keep those stubborn baby hairs down to achieve this look.

Graphic Hats

The warmer it gets, the more people who will want a fashionable way to block the rays! That's why these colorful hats with cute designs are the perfect addition to any outfit this spring. I've noticed that the hats that are trending right now have the smiley face design (pictured below), or a boldface text on the front. Either way, accessorizing with these hats seems like a great way to level up any outfit and I will definitely be purchasing one.

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