Spring Fashion For Plus Sized Women

Now that spring is somewhat upon us, (*cries thinking about snow*) so are spring wardrobes. Every retailer is busting out the pastel, the sandals are making their way out of your closet and college students are hauling their winter clothes home and their spring styles back to campus.

Spring fashion should be fun, beautiful and breezy, however, as a plus sized woman, sometimes it's hard to find spring styles that both speak to the season and fit you the way you’d like.

So here’s a list of spring styles, fun on-trend pieces and retailers that will keep your curves looking fresh for spring to summer weather. 

1. Crop Tops

Though the idea of crop tops can sometimes seem daunting for plus-sized women due to the media’s intense and unrelenting scrutiny of our bodies, in reality they are actually really relaxed and extremely fun to wear. The necklines on crop tops can really vamp up an entire outfit. High necks paired with long thin necklaces and flannels tied at the waist give off an effortlessly cool vibe, while V-neck crop tops add a touch of glamour and sass to any outfit. Rock these tops with jeans, skater skirts or shorts and layer them with other tops to create looks that can go from cooler spring weather far into the summer. Check out Forever21 Plus or Eloquii for cute crop tops to take you from Spring to Summer. 

2. Shorts

Though shorts are a spring and summer style staple, they can sometimes (read: literally always) be hard to find for plus sized women. Forever21 Plus has a fantastic array of sizes and styles that are extremely cute and budget-friendly, though not as well made as higher-end retailers like Lane Bryant or Torrid. Denim shorts are cute for pretty much any occasion and a lace-trimmed pair can be styled up with a nice top, heels and accessories for a classy spring go-to, or a high-waisted look can be paired with a crop top, a fringey vest or peasant blouse for a day on the beach or at a music festival (or tanning on the lawn behind the Union, you do you). If you’re a fan of flowy, patterned shorts, look no further than Forever21 Plus (p.s. I promise this post is not sponsored by Forever21, they just have great plus-sized options!) or Old Navy for cheaper options, or Torrid and Lane Bryant if you’re willing to spend a bit more. Patterned shorts are cute, effortless and make you look like you put a lot of thought into your outfit, when in reality, all you did was throw on a white teeshirt and some sandals. 

3. Swing Dresses 

For any plus sized woman that hasn’t tried on a swing dress: PLEASE I BEG OF YOU, GO FIND A SWING DRESS. Never have I found a piece of clothing that was so functional, cute and comfortable as a plus sized woman as the oh-so-wonderful swing dress. If you’re concerned about flattering your figure, swing dresses will do just that, disguising a VBO (visible belly outline) and placing the emphasis on your legs, as the rest of the garment isn’t tight fitting at all. Since it's springtime, floral swing dresses are all the rage, and due to their insane cuteness they are everywhere. Since swing dresses are cut in a flowing manner, they tend to run big, meaning that occassionally, straight sizes will work, but fear not, there are plenty of retailers who carry plus sizes that make adorable swing dresses: Forever21 Plus, Asos Curve, Modcloth, and my personal favorite, Free People (their clothing isn’t specifically plus-sized, but many of their pieces run large) are just a few. 



4. Tea Length Skirts

Gone are the days where we plus size women pay attention to the ridiculous “rules” for dressing our bodies. Instead, we have learned to simply embrace the clothing that makes us feel confident and beautiful. Tea length skirts are a perfect example of this: though plus size women have often been told that skirts of this length make one look “matronly” among other things, the reality is that tea length skirts have come a long way in the fashion world and are currently a huge trend that is gives off both a vintage vibe and immediately ups your fashion game. Whether you plan on rocking a more modern curve-hugging version of this classic, or a flowy skirt that gives off seriously adorable 50s vibes, you will immediately look fashion forward. Additionally, these skirts can be dressed up or down to accompany any type of style: a form-fitting black tea length skirt paired with a graphic tee, red checkered flannel, a leather jacket, black heels and a studded bag to immediately look grungey and hardcore, while a striped nautical boat-neck top tucked into a classic floral tea length skirt paired with nude ballet flats looks effortlessly classy and vintage. Hands-down the best plus sized retailer for these types of skirts is Modcloth, as their clothing is well made and their patterns are unbelievably cute. However, Modcloth is on the expensive side, so for a budget-friendly tea length skirt, try ASOS Curve. 

5. Athleisure

If you’re anything like me, you’re a big fan of the athleisure trend due to its functionality, its comfort and its ability to make it look like you just came from the gym (when in actuality if you’re anything like me, you were getting in as much Netflix as humanly possible before class…). Though plus sized athleisure wear is generally harder to find, brands like Forever21 Plus (honestly, they should have paid me for this, guys) and Old Navy carry fantastic, inexpensive plus-sized workout clothing that is perfect for hitting the gym or just to attain that sporty look. Additionally, Lane Bryant's workout line 'LIVI Active' makes the best plus-sized black leggings that I have ever worn, and though they are a bit on the pricey side, they are worth every penny. With figure-flattering leggings, off-the-shoulder sweatshirts and back-baring tops, plus-sized athleisure clothing can be crazy cute and is also really easy to transform into different styles: a pair of athletic leggings can be tucked into tall boots in the fall, and a criss-cross sports bra can peak out of a low-back dress for a boho touch. Whenever you want to look relaxed and effortlessly cool (or ya know, you turned off all three alarms you set for yourself in the morning) athleisure is a great choice. 

So whether you’re dressing for a night out, a day at the beach or a quick errand, these spring to summer plus-sized looks will keep your wardrobe looking hot and your sense of style on point. 

Happy Shopping Collegiettes!