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Spring Break Survival Kits

Her Campus UConn wants to say a huge thank you to all of the kind partners that provided our chapter with the essentials to survive spring break 2014! Thanks to the many partners that donated, our hair is more gorgeous than ever, we slept well, ate well, and even had the chance to order bathing suits for next year’s spring break adventures. We truly look forward to these packages and distribute the giveaways to the girls in our chapter in a new way each time. Thank to Her Campus Nationals and of course our generous partners, we couldn’t have survived spring break without you!

Partners: TRESemme, Chipotle, Biotera, European Wax Center, neuro, Yokini and Bobble

Erin is a journalism and communications student at the University of Connecticut who loves to learn about all aspects of magazine journalism and believes magazines are the perfect form of free expression. Erin is normally found holding a copy of Vogue, Seventeen or Elle and is constantly following the latest trends from Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. She always sets aside time in her day to have a good laugh, which usually includes reruns of Friends and Boy Meets World.
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