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Spring and Summer Dresses for Every Occasion

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Spring and summer are just around the corner. No more chunky snow boots and puffy winter jackets. That means it’s dress season! Whip out those beautiful legs that have been hibernating in layers of leggings and jeans all winter. Expose those beauties to some rays. Here are some dresses that are perfect for every occasion in the spring and summer.

1. Going shopping with your friends


This dress would be perfect to wear when you’re shopping in the mall. The details on the straps make it that much cuter. The staple color makes it easy to go with any color scheme you want to work with. Just don’t forget a cardigan because we all know how the A.C. in there is unbelievebly cold.

Going to shop out in the streets of the city today? The warm breeze won’t be too chilly because of the beautiful flare sleeves on this dress. If you’re not into pink, the dress comes in a variety of colors; so just pick another one!

2. Clubbing with the girls

For the girls who love a sassy pattern, this is your kind of dress! The artistic and sophisticated design will have heads turning all night. The faux leather short sleeves will make you stand out from the crowd of strapless and thin-strapped dresses. The loose cutting of this dress will be much more comfortable than a restraining skinny mini dress.

A cutout? Yes please! The cheeky little cutout in the middle allows you to show just enough skin without being too scandalous. This body-con dress allows you to show off your beautiful figure and make you look sexy and confident!


3. Date night with the boyfriend


Ok. So your boo just texted you that he’ll pick you up in one hour. Hurry and pick out something to wear! This merlot colored dress will match your wine so well. The cut outs will really cinch in your waist. Since there’s really no other detail on the dress, make sure to accessorize with some bulky jewelry.

This dress shows a little skin but still leaving room for imagination. Your boy will really appreciate those shoulders when he sees you in this dress! The bright color just draws his eyes toward you like a magnet. No need to worry about the other girls at the restaurant anymore!

4. Brunch with the family

Sometimes you just can’t wear a tight body-con dress to brunch with the family. This dress is conservative but still looks cute! The flawless detailing on the shoulders really emphasizes the beauty in this dress. It’s simple and easy on the eye but flattering to every body type and every girl’s beautiful face.

Going out with your family isn’t always easy, but might as well look good while doing it! On those hotter days you just got to wear spaghetti straps. If you don’t… YOU’LL DIE. Not to mention it’s super adorable. The lace layering is a nice touch and the pastel is just perfect for spring. You’ll match with all the flowers in the garden!

5. Job or Internship Interview

Job and Internship interviews are extremely important. It’s all about first impressions. This perfect blue dress is sophisticated, professional, and mature. The white horizontal lines give the dress depth and detail without going too overboard. It’s classy and chic and will leave your boss impressed with your styling skills!

For a younger and more high-spirited look, this dress’s flower print and lace detailing will do the job. The cinching at the waist doesn’t leave your body too straight. Add a fitted black blazer to professionalize the look.

6. Fun and Active Day

If you’re going out for an active day with tons of walking or playing around, t-shirt dresses will be your best friend. The fabric allows flexibility for maximum movement. Perfect for a day of running around a carnival, boardwalk, or an arcade with some friends! Pair this dress with a cute floppy hat or some chunky boots to add texture and dimension.

Looking cute doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice being comfortable. This dress has extra flow and allows your body to be comfy so you’re not adjusting every part of your undergarments throughout the day. And can we just agree that the tunic pattern just makes this dress that much more rustic chic?

7. Beach day

Beach means effortless, mermaid-looking, bronze goddess outfits! This maxi dress has a nice tie-dye color that’s perfect for summertime. The back of this dress gives us a glimpse of what your cute bikini looks like. And hey, that bikini was expensive… Show it off!

This green dress allows for a shorter cover up. The mint color is unique and might just attract that hot lifeguard that’s been eyeing you. And here it is again, tie-dye. For some unknown reason, I always relate tie-dye with the beach.

Now go out with your favorite dress and enjoy the sun and warmth! Bask in the joy of snowless grounds and pray to the weather gods that next years winter will be just a little less arctic cold. 

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