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Sleeping ‘Beauties’ Of The Met Gala: A Recap Of The Best Dressed

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Many celebrities showed up this year for “Fashion’s Biggest Night.” However, it was clear that the theme Garden of Time was confusing for many celebrities. Some celebrities also decided to theme their outfits around the exhibit itself, named Sleeping Beauties. While there are people who choose to not dress to the theme every year, many viewers were disappointed this year. Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue and a trustee of the Met, even released a statement apologizing for confusion about the theme. Despite the absence of Met Gala favorites like Blake Lively and Rihanna, there were still some fantastic looks that I will be recapping below. 

Lana Del Rey

I loved this look from Lana. She is wearing this nude gown from Alexander Mcqueen. The look is very ethereal, and after seeing a lot of people take more boring approaches to the theme, her look really stood out. I love the dramatic aspect the antlers give the look along with the addition of the red rose. 


This look is one of the most on theme of the night. This dress is inspired by the sands of time. It was so form-fitting that Tyla actually had to be carried up stairs and at the end of the night the dress was cut into a mini dress. Tyla looks great while also taking an interesting approach to the theme. This is especially impressive considering it is her first Met. 


Every Met Gala Zendaya attends, she is always one of the best dressed, and this year is no different. This look pulled inspiration from multiple designer’s archives. I love all the different elements like the grapes and hummingbirds that add more complexities to the look. I also think the dark makeup ties the look together. 

Elle Fanning

Out of all the sheer dresses of the night, and there were a lot of them, this was my favorite. Unlike some of the other looks, I think the pale color of the dress really compliments Elle’s complexion and does not wash her out. The crystal birds also reference the short story that the theme is based on. 

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss looked great in her pink crystalized look from Swarovski. While this takes a simple approach to the theme it stood out, considering all of the neutral colors worn this year. This was also unexpected from her as the media has deemed some of her past Met Gala looks to be underwhelming. 

Gigi Hadid

Gigi’s dress is by Thom Browne, who dressed lots of the attendees. However, Gigi’s look is the one that stood out. The classic black and white look was really striking on the carpet. I also love the addition of the yellow flowers and red lipstick. This was overall a very classic and glamorous look.

Favorite after-party look: Sabrina Carpenter

Lastly, I wanted to add my favorite after-party look, which was Sabrina Carpenter. While she still looked gorgeous at the actual gala, her after-party look is more on-theme than her first look. I think she has really found her style with the mini dresses and pastel colors and it looks great. I also love the hydrangea skirt. 


Overall, there were still lots of gorgeous looks from the night and it’s always fun to see all of your favorite celebrities on the same carpet. However, I do think this year was hopefully a wake-up call for some of the attendees. Hopefully, next year’s Met Gala will deliver more spectacular looks along with a better theme.

My name is Caroline Lufitz and I am a student at UConn. I am a political science major.