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With the first month of the semester coming to an end, and fall starting, there's no better way to unwind than to binge watch a few Netflix series. The cozy weather, throw blankets, and pumpkin spice lattes are bringing some highly anticipated shows with them. These are my top five Netflix picks you should be watching this fall:


American Horror Story star Sara Paulson stars as the antagonist in this new Netflix series. Taking place in the 1940’s, Ratched follows the story of a young woman working in an Asylum as she develops hatred and anger in her work environment. 


Emily in Paris

Do you love Gossip Girl, or even Sex in The City? Well, this new story line takes all that to Paris. Lily Collins is the protagonist in this sexy new series where she meets men and new friends all while tackling her dream job. Emily in Paris will be available on Netflix starting October 2nd.

Get Organized: With The Home Edit

Clea and Johan are organizational guru’s in this series that takes a deeper look into the amazing work of The Home Edit. You might be familiar with their Instagram page, but this Netflix series gives you a behind the scene look at both celebrities and everyday people getting their messy spaces made brand new.



The latest season of this adventurous series has just aired on Netflix. This show follows the lives of three teenage girls, one a kleptomaniac and the other a wealthy suburban girl. As their worlds collide, some obstacles get in the way, but their sisterly bond is too hard to conquer.

The Duchess

This Netflix series follows Katherine, a high status single mother, and her journey with a tween daughter as she contemplates the possibility having a baby with her ex. This witty series is sure to keep you hooked right through the end. 


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