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No matter where your relationship status was prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, you are probably currently struggling in one way or another. Here are some anonymous stories to share that you are not alone and maybe even give you some ideas on how to enhance your dating life during this mysterious time in our lives. 

Bunking Together 

"I started quarantine by living at my almost two-year boyfriend’s house at college. I’m currently WFH and it’s hard when his friends are constantly playing video games and drinking, since online college isn’t serious, especially as second-semester seniors. And there’s a lot of heads in this trap house. We even tried to cross streams, but he peed on my leg (doesn’t work when one of the partners can’t stand.) With the amount of time in this house, we’ve had a lot of time to spice things up and experiment… in the kitchen and the bedroom, what else is there to do?”

Swiping Right to Feel Something Again 

“Not being able to flirt with people at the bar weekly to get over my ex hook-up has been hard, it’s impossible to try to replace physical touch through virtual attention. With the attention whore, I am, the sexts of boys jacking off were not sufficing my lack of physical intimacy. No judgment, but my roommates and I took a three-day social distancing hiatus to go on a tinder rampage. I took full advantage and had two boys over in that time period. Would I have invited those specific boys over if COVID-19 wasn’t happening? Probably not. But, it was an itch that needed to be scratched.” 

(Social) Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder 

“I was in a relationship that without this pandemic probably would have fizzled out. But with the immense hours of free time we both and strong quarantine goggles, we developed a social distance romance. Through handwritten love letters that we legitimately snail mail and virtual Netflix Zoom dates, we now have a COVID-19 love with a probable expiration date as soon as I can leave my house.”

Two Week-Long D*** Appointment 

“My roommates said I couldn’t invite a boy over to their house for the well-being of the house. So, I moved in with my friends with benefits of only a couple months for two whole weeks, didn’t have symptoms, and then moved back into my original house for the rest of the semester. Worth it.” 

How to: ~Virtually~ Get Over Your Ex

“I never really had Tinder before, but I thought that using quarantine as a perfect time to get over all the boys have fucked me over this past semester. Two days in, a lot of boys had invited me over, but I was persistent with the fact that I was social distancing. A lot of them lost interest due to the solely virtual relationship, but one stuck out. Texting turned into Snapchat that turned into FaceTime dates that eventually turned into an outside hang out. It was all fun and games until we had a one-hour rainy outdoor wait for AAA to come since he locked his keys in his car. Even with that little bump in the road, I still biked to his house the next day just to sit outside. We now make each other playlists and drop off each other’s favorite snacks. Who knew I’d find better luck with boys during a pandemic than my entire college career.” 

Quarantined in the Closet 

“I’ve been contemplating experimenting in my sexuality, so I took this quarantine as a good time to come out of my shell and try. Dabbling in lesbian porn and adding girls to my dating apps, I’m still not sure where I stand. Messaged one girl I matched with, but she didn’t answer. But, I’m glad that I finally broke out of my shell and at least tried.” 

Employed via Game Pigeon  

“Matched on Tinder with a boy I’d met at the bar a few years back. After exchanging numbers, we started playing iPhone games like Cup Pong and Anagrams. He told me if I won them, he’d pay me, I didn’t even have to pay a dime if I lost. I’ve made around 8 bucks. ”

Struggle in Paradise 

“If you started a relationship with someone right before spring break, I am so sorry. The boy that I had already gone on a few dates with now can only see me outside and 6 ft apart. Going to see the sunset and sitting on my porch is getting old. Honestly, it’s hard to have a relationship progress when you can't even hug your potential S.O. As soon as this ends, I literally never want to see him outside ever again.” 


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