The Series Finale Pretty Little Liars Drinking Game

It’s the final haul for the girls and for all of us back at home who are at the edges of our seats every Tuesday night! Now that the girls are finally legal adults, it’s time to grab your drinks and play a round of the PLL Drinking Game because Lord knows, you’re going to need it!


The Rules:

  1. Take a sip when the liars get a group text; two sips if the texter is from “A”.


2. Take a sip if anyone mentions “A”, Uber “A”, or “A.D”

3. Take a sip for when anyone lies.

4. Take a sip when anyone cries.

5. Take a sip when someone thinks they should tell the police but in reality never does.

6. Take a sip when the liars spot someone in a black hoodie, red coat, black gloves, or a mask.

7. Take a sip for every flashback.

8. Take a sip for every time Hanna talks about herself.

9. Take a shot for when they lose a file, USB file or any evidence that proves they’re not crazy.

10. Take a shot for every time they come out of the woods; two shots if they’re dirty.

11. Take a shot when the door handle twists.

12. Take a shot for when something doesn't seem right.

13. Take a shot when the girls are *this* close to getting caught.

14. Take a shot for every time they trespass into an abandoned house, building or sketchy place.

15. Take a shot when someone asks, “Did you heart that?” (Of course you did, everybody did.)

16. Take a shot when you ask yourself, “WHY did you just do that/go in there?”

17. Take a shot for every time you scream/jump.

18. Take a shot when an Spoby, Haleb, Ezria or Emison moment happens.

19. Take a shot when someone dies.

20. Take a shot when Jenna appears.

21. Take a shot one of the girls try to put the blame on someone else.

22. Take a shot when there is a steamy hot make out scene (those never get old).

23. Finish your drink when anyone slides down the backside of their door in tears – mostly relating to boy problems.

24. Finish your drink when the girls get locked/stuck/or left behind somehow.

25. Finish your drink for every single cliff hanger.

26. Finish your drink when suspenseful music starts.

27. Finish your drink when Jason DiLaurentis makes an appearance.

28. Finish your drink when a character looks suspicious.

29. Finish your drink when an answer is revealed.


Tune in Tuesday's at 8 p.m. on FreeForm for the Series Finale of Pretty Little Liars!

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Please drink responsibly!