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Reasons Why Iced Coffee Trumps All Other Coffees

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Get ready, collegiettes! On May 25, 2016, Dunkin Donuts will be celebrating Iced Coffee Day all across Connecticut (excluding Fairfield County). In honor of this day, the popular breakfast chain has promised that a dollar from every iced coffee sold will benefit Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital.

In honor of this occasion, it is only fitting to go through a few reasons why iced coffee is the only kind coffee you should be drinking.


1. Iced coffee brings so much joy to people’s lives.

When having iced coffee, one sip of the drink will instantly put a smile on your face. You imagine yourself skipping happily on the beach with an ice coffee in your hand, and you can do this without hurting yourself in any way! Which leads me to #2…


2. Iced coffee won’t burn you.

If you spill hot coffee on yourself, it hurts and the pain won’t go away until you run your body under cold water. Sip a hot coffee before waiting for it to cool off and you scorch your tongue. Iced coffee would never do this to you. It loves you. You can sip it and not get any burns. Likewise, you can spill iced coffee on you, and never feel any pain (maybe just the pain of having to clean everything up…). It’s practically harmless.


3. It can be a drink or a dessert.

Last time I checked, trying to decorate a hot coffee with whip cream and sprinkles results in a melted mess. On the other hand, if you decorate iced coffee, it instantly becomes a delicious dessert and extremely Insta-worthy.  If you don’t want it to be topped off with whipped cream or the like, that’s okay too.  Just drink it plain and you’ll be good to go. Iced coffee is just versatile like that.


4. Iced coffee is available year round.

Yes, there are a select few of us (including myself) who enjoy drinking iced coffee in the winter. Why? Because we can. Cold weather is not going to stop us dedicated iced coffee drinkers to give it up. There are gloves for that very reason.  And let’s be real, iced coffee just screams summer, and summer is happiness.


5. It’s actually healthy for you.

Studies have shown that cold-brewed coffee actually provides better health benefits than hot-brewed coffee; it all has to do with the acidity and oils of the drink. People who drink iced coffee year round are deemed healthier than most non-drinkers. So if you’re looking to get bikini ready this summer, drink up.


6. Waking up is so much easier with iced coffee.

Getting through the day is so much more bearable when you have caffeine in your system. More often than not, people choose to drink multiple cups of iced coffee rather than multiple cups of hot coffee because iced coffee goes down faster and easier. More caffeine makes getting through the week a whole lot easier.


7 .The best drinks in life are iced.

Imagine having a hot soda, hot water, hot juice, hot milk, or hot anything. Wouldn’t you agree that an iced version of any drink is much better than the hot version? So why should it be any different with coffee?  It shouldn’t.


So get out to your local Dunkin Donuts and enjoy an iced coffee. Not only will you be rewarding yourself with a cup of deliciousness, but you’ll also be helping those at hospitals near you. Even if you don’t typical drink iced coffee, consider having one for one day in support of the kids or make a donation and #payitforward. Nothing makes you feel as good as doing a good deed.



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