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“Rachel Says”: Denim 101

As the fabulous Rachel Zoe says, “Never underestimate the power of denim.” There is an infinite number of ways you can wear jeans and so many occasions to show off how fabulous you can make them look! Shopping for jeans can be exhausting, no matter what size you are, but if you know the jean that best fits your figure, you can spare your tears for another day. I always found shopping for jeans to be the most frustrating because of my petite 5 foot 1 stature. As you can probably guess, I don’t have the longest legs, so finding ones I loved seemed nearly impossible. Here are some tips that will help you find the most flattering jeans for your figure, how to wear them, and how to keep them looking like new.

1. Look for a jean with a dark wash, to appear thinner and elongate your leg.
For my fellow short girls, try to avoid a really light washed denim because it only makes you look shorter, and wider.

2. When you find the perfect pair, buy multiples!
Stock up on the jeans that look best on you. When you find the perfect pair of denim, it doesn’t hurt to buy more than one, especially since you know you will get lots of use out them. Lots of stores carry the same pant but in different washes, so grab a pair in each or double up on the same wash and style.

3. Wash your jeans inside out.
Washing your dark wash or colored jeans inside out is a must if you want to keep them looking like new. I learned this the hard way with a pair of my favorite black skinnys from The Gap. After a few washes and dries, the color began to fade in the weirdest spots. Like along the butt seam, which is not a good way to attract attention. I also advise hang drying your denim as well, which means you’ll have to use fabric softener in the wash since they tend to be a little stiff after they finally dry. It is also not necessary to wash your jeans after every wear; this puts stress on the fabric. Wearing your jeans a few times before throwing them in the wash is fine, as long as you didn’t spill your morning coffee on them. This is another way to increase the life of your denim!

4. Fold your jeans, don’t hang them.
Not only is this good for organization, but it also puts less stress on the fabric. I know this sounds silly, but it helps to keep your jeans free of hanger indents and lines.

5. Avoid certain pockets.
There are so many different styles of jeans with different pocket placements and designs, and all the name brand jeans are a perfect example of this. You wouldn’t think that something so small would affect the way you look so much, but it does! Just think about that time you saw a girl wearing jeans with oversized, bedazzled pockets, and the not so good things it did to her body… Smaller pockets make your butt look bigger, whereas pockets that are too big or have too much design, make your butt look smaller, and your body wider. Avoid the jean whose pockets begin to creep down past your butt to your thighs, even if they feel good everywhere else. It is important to see yourself from every angle in the fitting room, if you want to avoid public stares.

6. Wear the right shoe.
the right shoe is always necessary to complete a flattering look for your body, especially when you’re wearing jeans. Since jeans are such a common and versatile choice for college girls, we often think a pair of sneakers or UGGS will do the trick. Jeans with more fabric, like a boot cut or flared-leg jean look best with a boot or heels because it gives you more height. Stuffing all that extra fabric into your riding boot or UGG boot is not flattering or comfortable. Also avoid wearing a flat shoe that would cause your jeans to drag on the ground, which also makes you appear shorter, especially if you are under 5 foot 7. Save your ballet flats and riding boots for your skinnys.

7. High waisted, Low waisted.
Another style of jean is the high waist, low waist, and super low waist. I have come to find that the super low waist is not a flattering look for the short and curvy. I avoid these Hollister style jeans at all costs, because they do nothing for me and are so uncomfortable. High waist and low waist denim is flattering on a variety of body styles. High waisted denim is becoming a lot more popular, and if you like the look, I suggest trying them on! I have a few pairs that I love, and they make me look taller while still showing off my curves when worn with a heel or wedge. Depending on your height, these new age mom jeans are adorable with flats as well. Again, for all my short friends, stick to the heels to give you that extra height and length!  

“Style A to Zoe” by Rachel Zoe
“Style” by Lauren Conrad

Rachel is a Senior at the University of Connecticut, studying Communications. Her dream and goal is to move to New York City and work in the Fashion Industry. Her one love next to fashion and styling is her horse, Jesse. Follow her on twitter @fashion1oh1 for fashion do's and dont's. Pinterest http://pinterest.com/rachgovoni/
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