Plus Size Bathing Suit Guide 2017

Though it may not feel like it with inches of snow still on the ground and UGGS still on your feet, it’s officially spring! I don’t know about you, but the first day that my hair doesn’t freeze when I walk outside is the day that I start thinking about new bathing suits for summer. Below is a list of perfect bathing suits for plus size women, whether you’re into bikinis, one-pieces, or something in between, we’ve got the perfect suit for you.


One Pieces

As a plus size woman, the idea of shopping for a one piece bathing suit likely brings to mind something that your grandma would say is “so flattering on you!”, it’s probably either black or navy blue, and has a skirt...yikes. Worry no more. One piece bathing suits are making a huge comeback and can be just as sexy and fun as bikinis, while still providing more coverage and structure, if that’s what you’re into.

1.  The All Black One Piece - This bathing suit is a true classic, and something that looks good on absolutely everyone. We love versions of this suit with plunging necklines, bodices, cool cut-outs, and low-backs that take your beach look from basic to fantastic.

 From left to right: AerieBoohoo, Target


2.  The Neon One Piece - Nothing says fun like neon, and a neon one piece in a vibrant color shows off your wild side while still providing the comfort of a one piece.

From left to right: Torrid, Forever 21 Plus, ModCloth 


3.  The Patterned One Piece - Take every “rule” you know about plus size women staying away from patterns and bury it in the sand because these bathing suits are absolutely gorgeous on any shape and size.

From left to right: Target, Torrid, Forever 21 Plus


The High-Waisted Bikini

I don’t know about you guys, but the day I tried on my first high-waisted bikini, I fell in LOVE. This type of bathing suit is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the freedom of wearing a bikini and wants the ability to mix and match bikini tops and bottoms while still maintaining a bit more coverage than a traditional bikini.

1.  The Flower Power Bikini - High-waisted bikinis in floral patterns are trendy, adorable, and oh so functional. You can easily mix and match with this style and wear an alternate top or bottom in a solid color for a more toned down look while still looking fresh and fabulous. 

From left to right: Boohoo, ModCloth, Target 


2.  The Retro Bikini - High-waisted bikinis are retro by nature, and adding even more 50s glam to the mix is the perfect way to make sure that your beach look stands out from the crowd! 

From left to right: Torrid, ModCloth, Forever21 Plus 


3.  The Sexy Bikini - If you think that high-waisted bikinis can’t be sexy, think again.

From left to right: Boohoo, Swimsuits For All, Forever 21 Plus 



The Bikini

Though the idea of wearing a traditional bikini is definitely scary for a lot of plus size women (and a lot of women in general), it is also something that can be extremely liberating. The only “rule” of bathing suit shopping should be that you buy what makes you feel amazing. If you feel your best in a bikini, we have some awesome options for you.

1.  The Tropical Bikini - Even if the closest you’ll be getting to a tropical island is the screensaver on your laptop, you can at least look the part.

From left to right: Swimsuits For All, Swimsuits For All, Boohoo 


2.  The LBB (Little Black Bikini) - This color works for everyone and will make you feel stylish and sophisticated. Pair this bikini with some retro cat-eye sunglasses and a floppy hat for the ultimate beach babe look 

From left to right: Swimsuits For All, Aerie, Target 


3.  The Mermaid Bikini - Give off your best ~mermaid vibes~ with this beachy style. You can even buy this real-life Ariel bikini for the ultimate under-the-sea look.

From left to right: Rosegal, Lane Bryant, ModCloth 


For plus size women, bathing suit shopping is often unnecessarily difficult; from many stores not carrying a full range of sizes to so many plus size bathing suits being ridiculously expensive, it can seem like an impossible task to simply find a suit. However, retailers like Target, Forever 21 Plus, Boohoo, and Aerie are great places to start, as they carry a full range of sizes and are very reasonably priced. If you're looking to invest in a higher quality or designer swimsuit, Swimsuits For All, Torrid, Lane Bryant and ModCloth are all great options. 

Hopefully this guide made your annual shopping trip a bit easier, and gave you some fun ideas. Most importantly, remember that the only opinion that matters when choosing any article of clothing is your own, and that you will look fantastic in anything that you wear as long as it is something that you love. Happy Shopping collegiettes!

*Note: Though not all of the models shows are plus size models, all of the swim suits pictured can be purchased in plus sizes.* 


Cover Image Courtesy Of: Cosmopolitan