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People are Powerpuffing themselves and loving it

By now you’ve probably heard that The Powerpuff Girls is getting a reboot on Cartoon Network.  The new series will premiere on April 4 at 6:00pm.  CN has even released teaser footage to get fans pumped for the big day.  

While there are some clear artistic design differences from the old show, the premise remains the same.

As an addition to all of the episode clips CN has released on YouTube, they also rolled out a great new interactive feature for fans to engage in: Powerpuffing Yourself.

Fans can visit the website PowerpuffYourself.com and create an avatar in the classic Powerpuff Girl animation style.  While fans of an older generation are loving this, it also gives new viewers a way to get involved and interested in the reboot.

Myself as a Powerpuff character (eep!)


The website allows users to customize their skin, hair, eyes, clothing, accessories, and background to perfect their look.  Users can share their designs on Facebook and Twitter or download them.  

People have been creating and sharing their Powerpuff characters all day today and loving every minute of it.  Who didn’t dream of being a Powerpuff Girl or Rowdyruff Boy back in the day? 

Twitter users have been sharing their creations not only of themselves, but of their favorite celebs and we have to say, the results are uncanny.

Chris Evans (by @CEvansReacts) & Beyoncé (by @BienSur_JeTaime)


Justin Bieber (by @xjustinxpotrox), Katy Perry (by @hotncolds), & Bruno Mars (by @BrunoBBSquirrel)


Adele (by @Adelettes), Fall Out Boy (by ​@missbrittania), Miley Cyrus (by @MuffinSmiler), & Ed Sheeran (by @bsbloveapple)

Drake & Rihanna (by @HarposHand)

People are even throwing their favorite TV characters into the mix:

Dean Winchester from Supernatural (by @acklesupdates) & characters from Shadowhunters (The Mortal Instruments Series) (by @NephilimUpdates)


Even more inspiring?  People are adding their own unique touches to the Powerpuff Yourself designs with Photoshop to show their individuality and pride for who they are.

Designs by @hafsahfaizal & @MikeeMort, respectively

Some of the writers of HC UConn even made their own!

Left: Keyanna Lawrence, Top Right: Sam Mackowitz, Bottom Right: Erica Buehler


Did you #PowerpuffYourself? Tweet us your creations @UConnHC!



Nikki is the Campus Correspondent & Editor in Chief for Her Campus UConn.  She is a senior majoring in Communication with a minor in HDFS.  Nikki wishes she was Beyoncé, worships Adele, eats more pasta than is probably recommended, and is a Ravenclaw at heart.   If you have any questions or concerns regarding Her Campus UConn, you can email her at [email protected]
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