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Past UConn in Paris Students on Why You Should Choose Paris

1. The Food

“Be prepared to gain a few pounds as you eat at least one baguette per day and countless crepes au nutella – yum. “ Ceci Menendez ‘16

2. The ‘Grams

“Your Instagram will become the most coveted ‘gram of your friend group.” Mary Foley ‘15

3. The Sights

“They don’t call Paris the city of lights for nothing! Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe to explore both by day and night. You will never grow tired of exploring the city because no matter how long you’re there for you’ll always end up discovering new places!” Ceci Menendez ‘16

4. The Language

“My French became so much better and by babysitting two little boys I really felt immersed in a new culture. A little piece of me will always be in Paris because of the life I made there, and what’s more romantic than that?” Michele Dalena ‘15

5. The Culture

“No matter what your interests are, you will find endless things that interest you in Paris. Fashion, food, history, wine, art, architecture, literature…the list really is endless. The mix of people is incredibly diverse, and you’ll undoubtedly meet people from all over the world, and you will always have something in common: a love of Paris.” Taylor Moore ‘15

6. The Travel

“For those of you who want to travel to different cities on the weekends it doesn’t get more convenient than leaving from Paris. You can travel by plane, train, or bus to essentially any city in europe for extremely reasonable prices especially if you plan ahead. “ Ceci Menendez ‘16

7. The Stories

“You’ll have lots of interesting stories to tell your grandkids one day.” Mary Foley ‘15

8. The Self Discovery

“While discovering new places and a new culture you will also be learning more about yourself and who you want to be when you return home.” Justine Plourde ‘16

“You’ll be challenging yourself while having the best time of your life. The romantic city lives up to it’s name.” Nicole St. Andre ‘15

9. The Friends

“You’ll learn how to make friends in only a few minutes. You’ll be more comfortable around people. [And when you return], you will be in agonizing pain from missing Paris and all your friends, which means it was worth it” Nicole Date-Ampofo ‘15

10. The Wine

“Take the chance: learn the beautiful language, expose yourself to other cultures, and of course, enjoy as much two euro wine as possible.” Taylor Moore ‘15

Currently a senior at the University of Connecticut, Grace McMorrow is pursuing a degree in Journalism and Communications.  From a young age she could be found sitting in a comfy corner devouring a book or filling up a journal and her love of words has only grown with age. She's learned to embrace her awkward, quirky nature once she learned being like Mia Thermopolis or Jessica Day isn't all that bad. Grace tends to spend her free time staying up to date on pop culture, obsessing over fictional characters, and daydreaming about her next faraway travel destination.
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