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When we first consider Women’s History Month, our minds probably jump to influential women in power — like Michelle Obama and Malala — and while their recognition is well deserved, it is easy to feel lackluster compared to these incredible role models. As we scroll past endless social media posts celebrating influential women both in history and in the present, it is important to remember what we all have in common: we all identify as women.

What does the month of March mean then? To me, it signifies how crucial it is to empower and celebrate all the women around us. And so, this is an open letter to all the women reading this because you are unstoppable and powerful.

This is for the mothers, who raise their children through the troublesome years and ask for nothing in return. This is for the sisters. No matter how many fights you have, you know that they have your back in an instant. This is for the girl gangs, who are ready to listen at a moment’s notice and are willing to defend your name until their last breath.

This is for the women who cry, for the women who stand by their opinions, and for the women with strong ambitions. This is for the women who don’t want children, for the women who can’t wait to be mothers, for the women who don’t want to be in a relationship, and for the women who are in love. This is for the women who are angry, for the women who are gentle, and for the women who are tough.

This is for women of the LGBTQ community, women of color, disabled women, undocumented women, and poor women, because feminism must represent the intersection of all these identities. If it doesn’t, then it comes from a place of misogyny.

This is an open letter to all women. If we can celebrate each other’s achievements during this specific month, then why shouldn’t we continue to empower each other every day? Why don’t we continue spreading love and compassion? It is essential that we recognize that we are not each other’s competition. In fact, all women are beautiful, and you inspire me each and every single day. This is only our beginning.  

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