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Look out horror movie fans! The new Scream movie is finally in theaters. For all of my fellow Scream fans, here’s a little recap of what to expect when going to see this suspense thriller. 

Sydney Prescott is back and better than ever; she is lured back to her hometown of Woodsboro when she finds out that one of her fellow main characters was killed in a crazy turn of events. Along with Neve Campbell, who plays Sydney Prescott, other original cast members from the series are back! Courtney Cox and David Arquette return to fulfill the roles of Gale Weathers and Dewey Riley. 

Like all other films in this series, the killer is someone close to the victims, making everyone in town a suspect. Plus, if you’ve ever seen Scream, you know that there are always two killers behind the mask, and these people typically end up being someone you would least suspect.

I personally loved this movie (except for the part when one of my favorite characters was killed), and highly recommend it to every fan of horror or suspense thriller films. Bringing the original characters back was a smart move on the part of the directors, and the suspense thriller genre is and will always be my favorite. It gave me a sense of nostalgia; it reminded me of watching the first movie of the series with my mom years ago. The suspicious phone calls are the best part of this film – they add so much suspense! 

If you plan to see this movie, be prepared to experience many jump scares, screams, and of course, ghost masks. I may have jumped five or so times myself… 

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