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My 5 Favorite Songs Performed At The Guts World Tour

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Olivia Rodrigo is currently on her world tour for her newest album, Guts, and is doing an amazing job with her setlist, performances, and vocals. I was lucky enough to attend her Boston show on April 1, 2024, and I was in awe at the quality and beauty of the whole show. Olivia Rodrigo’s musical talent has grown so much since her breakout roles in Bizaardvark and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Her flair and confidence are in full bloom and shined through during the show. However, there were five performances that really stuck out and made me appreciate her as an artist even more.

1. “Pretty Isn’t Pretty”

“pretty isn’t pretty” was one of the first songs I gravitated to on Guts, so hearing it live really gave me a visual picture of the lyrics and emotions I felt when I first listened. Olivia’s backup dancers did an amazing job at communicating the feeling of constantly chasing beauty standards and the unrealistic expectations that come with being a woman. The bittersweet thing about this song is that it was one the crowd was loudest for, showing how many young girls relate to Rodrigo’s lyrics.

2. “Obsessed”

The deluxe version of Guts made its debut on March 22, 2024, and from then, Olivia began playing her newest hit, “obsessed.” This song was so fun to hear live as so many people can relate to feeling captivated by their new partner’s ex. As seen in the photo above, Olivia makes an outfit change during this song. She deviates from her usual purple, pink, or silver attire for a deeper red outfit that she looks incredible in. I loved this change as she truly played into the obsessed girlfriend character and the crowd loved it.

3. “Making the bed”

“making the bed” felt like a joined emotional experience among the crowd with pure, raw emotion. Most of the instrumental for this song is stripped back, so I was able to focus clearly on Olivia’s voice and expression. The fear, guilt, and regret in “making the bed” were communicated so well. Sometimes we make mistakes that we hold onto in relationships and adolescent life. The metaphor resonated with the entire crowd as again, it was one of the loudest of the whole show. Songs like this remind me way I love concerts; sharing that emotional experience with complete strangers shows how intertwined we truly are.

4. “Get Him Back”

“get him back” was Olivia’s encore song which was a perfect choice to get the crowd excited for one last sing-along. Unfortunately, I can relate to the lyrics of “get him back” a little too well, so I was extremely excited to end with this song. The media often talks about the combination of female rage and lingering feelings, and this song portrayed this to a T. As we all sang together for the last time, the collective theme of indecisiveness filled the air. “Do I love him? Do I hate him? I guess it’s up and down” is something that so many can relate to when dealing with the experience of a toxic guy you know should not be in your life. Olivia gave this song her all as it was her last one with the crowd. She sang loud and proud and it was an incredible way to end the show.

5. “Teenage Dream”

“teenage dream” is a song that has made me emotional since it came out as the blend of nostalgia and growing pains cut deep. Olivia performs this song with a background of photos and videos of herself as a young girl dancing, singing, and enjoying life with friends. It was amazing to see how much talent Rodrigo had at such a young age; I felt so proud of her and her accomplishments. The song talks about so many life hardships: growing up, living up to expectations, and never feeling like you are enough. Again, the crowd felt so united when we sang this song as we are all still growing up. “They all say it gets better, but what if I don’t?” We are left with this longing question that Olivia asks in the song, something I am sure many have thought about in regard to something in their life. This universal experience was felt and recognized.

Girlhood at Its Finest

As a big concert fan, I truly saw that the Guts world tour encapsulates what it is like to grow up and experience girlhood in a multitude of ways. Every emotion, from anger, disgust, joy, and sadness alike was felt and seen at this concert within Olivia’s musical ability and production value. If you are lucky enough to experience the Guts world tour, sing loud, dance, and enjoy every moment of the production Olivia has planned and blessed us all with.

Bailey Brake

U Conn '26

Bailey Brake is a sophomore at the University of Connecticut serving as Huskython Chair and Secretary for HerCampus UConn. Her love for writing, reading, and speaking originated when she joined a competitive public speaking organization at the age of 7. Since then, the art of words and diction and how they can influence others has been her passion. When she is not writing for HerCampus, she spends her time at UConn being a tour guide for incoming and prospective students. She also participates in Huskython -an 18-hour dance marathon raising money for Connecticut's Children's Hospital- as a morale dancer. She is currently double majoring in political science and human rights and hopes to make a difference in this world for the communities that need it. In her spare time, Bailey enjoys baking, listening to Taylor Swift, dancing, and a good debrief session with her friends. There is always time for a shopping trip, car ride jam sesh, and ice cream stop in Bailey's schedule.