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My First Halloweekend Experience

I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about college students and the weekend of Halloween, so I was intrigued to see how my first Halloweekend would unfold. Well, my experience began with a trip to urgent care and a double ear infection later, but that didn’t stop me!

After the whole ear infection nonsense, I began to look for costume ideas, which is a lot more stressful than you would think. Looking for these costumes caused several breakdowns because it only made me realize how broke I am, so I resorted to the closet! After hating all the clothes in my closet, many Pinterest searchers and several Amazon orders later, I found the costumes! 

On the night of Halloween, I dressed up as Alvin from Alvin and the chipmunks with my two friends as Simon and Theodore. I poorly duct taped an “A” on my oversized red shirt, put my hair in space buns to replicate the chipmunk ears, and called it a night. I arrived home with giant knots in my hair and the duct tape “A” completely ripped off of my shirt. Now before going out, I thought it would be a good idea to take a pilates class, and man was I wrong. My body was so sore that on Friday I just HAD to lay in bed and I just HAD to watch Christmas movies all night long. Let’s just say Friday was my favorite night of the weekend. 

Saturday came around and I woke up to the best news. All seasons of Victorious were put on Netflix so naturally I spent the whole day in the lounge and watched the entire first season while eating an entire bag of hint of lime chips (I have no regrets). After forcing myself to get off of the couch after 9 hours I got ready and finally ventured out. I was horribly dressed as a hippie and I came home with a broken flower crown, ripped pants, and a lens popped out of my sunglasses. Let’s just say I was a hot mess, but again I have no regrets. Also to note, I am usually a complete Grandma and go to bed at 9:30 every night, so going to bed at 4am was not my prime. 

Although it sounds like this my weekend wasn’t up to par, I did in fact have a successful first Halloweekend. I oogie boogied my heart out, but I am ready to take a weekend long nap to recover. Now onward to Christmas!

Sam is a junior at UConn as an elementary education major, and she loves every second of it. In her free time you can see Sam listening to music, working out, or watching anything and everything on Netflix. Sam is so excited to have the ability to share her voice among other bad ass college women!
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