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Mike Korniewicz: UConn Shuttle Bus Driver

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Meet Mike Korniewicz, a junior here at UConn studying political science and human rights. You may have actually met Mike at some point around campus; he’s one of our bus drivers!

Age: 21

Height: 6’4″

Hometown: Sherman, CT

Major: Political Science and Human Rights


Food: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (Characters though not the regular noodles!)

Drink: Dr. Pepper

Spotify Playlist: I Love my 90s R&B

TV Show: The People’s Couch

Store: J. Crew

Boxers or Briefs: Boxer Briefs


What made you apply to be a bus driver?

MK: The fact that it is the highest paying job on campus is what made me want to apply.


What is your favorite bus line?

MK: Purple


What is your favorite bus and why?

MK: I really like 214 and 215 because they are quiet and they drive quick and smooth.


What do you do at Transpo other than drive?

MK: I am a dispatcher and I also do PM, which stands for Preventative Maintenance. PM fuels the buses every evening and checks to make sure they’re running smoothly. During this time in the day is also when we manage to piss of our passengers with bus swaps. I promise though, this isn’t our intention.


When you’re not driving buses, what are you doing?

MK: When I’m not driving buses, I work as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at a gym back at home. I’ve also been involved in Model UN since my freshman year.


What is your favorite thing about being a bus driver?

MK: Driving around this campus is always an experience. Other drivers come back with some really funny stories about their passengers or other drivers on the road. Another thing I love about Transpo is getting the opportunity to work with our temporary drivers, who are adult non-student drivers. They make going to work every day a lot of fun and look out for us. I consider myself pretty lucky to be able to work with them. 

*This is Mike and Kodiak, the new Transpo pup*

What is your least favorite thing about being a bus driver?

MK: I had one pretty bad experience driving on a Thursday night. Everyone was headed to Nickel and I was driving Purple line, hoping for an easy shift. Unfortunately, that was not the case. A kid got onto my bus at the Visitors Center heading off campus. Visibly drunk and scarfing down a slice of pizza, He rode two stops and then got off at the intersection of Hunting Lodge. As he walked away from my bus, there in my headlights I saw something I could not believe, the kid had a s*** stain running down the back of his pants. I prayed to God he did not get anything on the seat, and yet again I was wrong. Since I was heading off campus, I had to clean up the mess myself, before it continued to stink up the bus. Hands down the worst experience I have ever had as a bus driver, and I seriously doubt anything worse will ever happen to me.


Are there some misconceptions of UConn Transportation Services that you would like to clear up?

MK: Bus drivers aren’t trying to ruin your day, driver changes DO NOT take that long so stop Yik Yaking about them to complain, and contrary to popular belief the bus drivers are not taxi drivers, we are not a door to door service.

Photo Credit: Lizzie Collin


Speaking of Yik Yak, you’ve been Yaked about in the past- how do you feel about it?

MK: Most of them are flattering so I think it’s pretty funny. I know when I’m driving I notice a lot about people but I don’t really think about people noticing me, mostly because more than half my passengers don’t even acknowledge that I am there.



What are some thoughts your have while driving a bus?

MK: Pedestrians don’t pay any attention to the road and just cross wherever they want which is ridiculous. Cars that block you into a stop and don’t let you out are so rude. Other drivers have no idea that buses need space to turn so they are just blocking traffic. You need to listen to the driver, it’s not our job to make sure you get where you need to. I honestly believe that I could teach a course on how to drive around campus and I think campus would be all the better for it.


Do you have any plans for this summer?

MK: I will be back and forth between UConn and home this summer. I will drive for Transpo and train and teach fitness classes at the gym back home. I will also be doing some research for one of my professors.


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