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Links We Love: School Organization Guide!

A few weeks into the new school year, you may realize that your organizational routine hasn’t really been working for you. Making use of your planner can really help you stay on top of all your commitments and also make time to have fun. This video may be a little OCD, but this girl shows you how to organize your planner so that you can manage your time efficiently and stay on top of everything. Definitely worth a watch!


These videos are kind of creepy but SO addicting! This is a “What’s in My Backpack” video. Definitely a cool video if you are curious as to how girls organize their backpacks and what they put in it. Just be warned, once you start watching this video, you may find yourself snooping around other videos to see what other people put in their backpacks…


With midterms approaching, maybe you want to get a few tips on how to study and stay organized. This video (by the same girl as the “what’s in my backpack” video) gives some pretty good advice on how to go about studying and keeping all of your notes organized. I would definitely watch this if you need some motivation to get organized and create better study habits.


This is another great video to watch with exams and midterms coming up. These are 10 tips to get an A+ on your midterms. The girl in the video talks about some good, concrete ways to buckle down and study and make sure that you are prepared for your exams!


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