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Monday’s used to be my least favorite day of the week. School was starting, we were five days short of the weekend, and there wasn’t anything to look forward to. I’m assuming you can see where this is going? Ever since deciding to binge watch The Bachelor, Monday’s have become my favorite day (and yesterday was super special because the roomies decided to add buff chick dip to the mix). 


Every Monday night, we all huddle together on our two sofas and turn on the TV, anticipating the start of the episode. We even created a game board with various questions that we each answer before the show begins. …I know, I know, we’re extra.


The beginning of the season is dramatic, don’t get me wrong, but I prefer the ending more. As soon as we get down to a handful of girls, reality sets in and things get intense. Monday’s episode was hometowns, so the audience was able to witness Matt James interact with Rachael, Michelle, Serena and Bri’s families. 


Let’s begin by taking a moment to analyze Rachael’s fall. The first question that comes to mind is, why do things always go in favor for the producers? Honestly, what are the chances that Rachael takes a rough fall? Nonetheless, it didn’t look pretty and I honestly felt bad for the girl. I know I wouldn’t want a video of me face planting to go on national television, but thankfully she didn’t get hurt (and that’s all that matters). 


Going into hometowns I thought Serena P. was in love, but her date shocked us all. It went from introducing Matt, to realizing she wasn’t into it in a matter of seconds. While I knew she wouldn’t make it to the final two, I was curious to see who he would send home if she didn’t leave herself. I felt for Matt because I think he regretted spending so much time with her, but thats part of the game. 


If I’m going to make any predictions, it’s that Rachael and Michelle end up being the final two. While I think his connection with Rachael is stronger, it is going to be interesting how the two handle the recent scandals if she does end up winning. Either way, I’m joining for the ride. 


Jordana is a senior at the University of Connecticut double majoring in communication and journalism and minoring in women, gender and sexuality studies. She spends her free time hanging out with friends, writing for The Daily Campus and most importantly, watching Below Deck Mediterranean. To reach Jordana, shoot her an email at jordana.castelli@uconn.edu or DM her on Instagram @jcastelli22!