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John Mayer: Universal Boyfriend, Social Media Icon

John Mayer, aka everyone’s boyfriend, is someone that I would definitely want to hang out with. Not only is his music amazing, but his social media accounts are absolutely hilarious, his fashion sense is completely unique and his concerts are killer. Here are a few reasons why I love J-May, and you should too:

1. John Mayer is one of the funniest people on Twitter. I say this as a completely unbiased, enormous fan, who loves all of of his music and his entire personality.

He says what we’re all thinking: 


He is adorably relatable: 


He makes brilliant astrological observations (NASA, take note): 


He might actually just be high when he’s tweeting? 

He is definitely high: 

2. His Snapchat story is basically like watching a movie. There are epic twists and turns and he even does his snapchat in “seasons” (personally loving season two, by the way). His stories are laugh-out-loud funny and always a little (or sometimes a lot) ridiculous. Add him on Snap: johnthekangaroo 


3. His Instagram is awesome: it’s very focused on his music and on his beautiful, beautiful face. This past summer he was on tour with Dead & Company, which is a band made up of guitarist Bob Weir and drummers Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart from the original Grateful Dead, with bassist Oteil Burbridge and keyboard player Jeff Chimenti. He is not currently on the road himself, but his Instagram is filled with beautiful videos of him playing his guitars (he calls it “having a conversation with them” *swoon*), singing, and also has pictures of the many killer outfits he puts together.  

Damn look at that stylin’ OOTD! 

4. The best part of all of this of course is watching J-May in action: he’s funny, ridiculous, unbelievably talented and really loves his fans, and lucky for us, he’s back in the studio! He recently announced that he’s writing and recording a new album, and has been posting updates to his Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. Additionally, just the other day he posted that his new single “Love On The Weekend” would be released on November 17th! Though I don’t know how i’ll possibly be able to wait another week for this new music, at least in the meantime I have his social media to keep me company.

Olivia is a Journalism and English double major who spends entirely too much time watching Netflix and is not even sorry about it. She loves to sing, write feminist musings, hang out with her pets and fantasize about a world in which everything tastes like Nutella. In another life she is best friends with Veronica Mars and married to Logan Echolls (and they're both totally cool with it). 
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