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“I’ve Walked Countless Coastlines”: Zach Bryan Songs To Put In Your Playlist This Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

I know not everyone is a fan of country music and I totally respect that. However, since you clicked on this article about Zach Bryan songs, I’m going to hope that you like Zach Bryan or you’re open to liking him. And if either of those statements describes you, then you’re in luck! I’m relatively a new fan of country music and have only listened to Zach Bryan for about a year now, but I got hooked as soon as I started listening to his songs and I want others who might not think they like him to give his songs a try because they might be pleasantly surprised. Here are six Zach Bryan songs to add to your playlist this summer whether you love his music already or are just seeing if there’s any way you might like his music!

#1 “All the time”

 “Oklahoma in the summertime is where my country a** belongs”

“All the Time,” found on Zach Bryan’s Summertime Blues EP, is a song that’s full of vulnerable lyrics as Zach explores feeling like a burden and his hopeless views on love and loss. Although this song might be a little down, the music is pretty upbeat and a little less hopeless. It might be perfect for a heartbreak song (which I hope no one reading experiences this summer) but it’s also perfect for late summer nights when you’re looking for a song with meaningful lyrics that can get you in the feels (but not too much)!

#2 “Summertime’s close”

 “You’re the waves crashin’ down on the Eastern Coast”

I felt like I had to include this song in this list because it’s a great song to put on a summer playlist and on a I-desperately-cannot-wait-for-summertime playlist as the title and the song is very apt for that relatable feeling. In this song, Zach talks about rolling windows down, driving on back roads, and children playing on the coastlines. Everything about this song reflects the simple happiness that comes with summer so it’s the perfect song to put on while enjoying the upcoming season.

#3 “burn, burn, burn”

“I wanna be a child climbin’ trees somewhere”

This is one of my absolute favorite songs from Zach Bryan because, in my opinion, it’s one of Zach’s most thoughtful and reflective songs (although many of his songs, like one already mentioned in this list, are reflective). The lyrics uncover Zach’s desire to appreciate whatever life has to offer him whether the experiences are painful or joyful. The message of the song, to enjoy life for what it is, is such a powerful message and I enjoy all the simple but beautiful things that Zach wishes for throughout the song — to have a few good friends, to have a kind partner, and to talk to his grandpa again. Like song #2 in this list, this song is great for late summer nights when you have so much to be grateful for!

#4 “heavy eyes”

“I will recall all the nights we spent outlaws”

I know, so far, the songs on this list have been a bit more deep, so the next one I chose is more upbeat. “Heavy Eyes,” featured on American Heartbreak, is a fun flashback to Zach’s crazy past and he even references “all the nights we spent outlaws.” This is a perfect song to listen to on a hike with your friends, on a day spent on the lake, or near a bonfire. No matter where you are listening to this song this summer, it’ll definitely remind you to make crazy fun memories that you’ll always remember (but maybe don’t take Zach’s advice and become an outlaw). 

#5 “Younger years”

“Enjoyin’ all the pain of younger years” 

Also on Zach’s album American Heartbreak, “Younger Years” is a nostalgic song about enjoying the younger years of your life and how growing up can be a painful and strange time in one’s life. Although the message is a little somber, there are many happy lyrics and the song is overall a little more country than a lot of other songs from Zach so if you love country, this is a great song to listen to! I can’t speak for everyone but I tend to get very nostalgic in the summertime because some of the best memories from when I was young were spent outside in the summer sun so I love listening to this song when thinking back to childhood memories. Plus, Zach sprinkles in funny lyrics throughout to make the song a unique combination of nostalgia and small-town silliness, perfect for the summertime!

#6 “sun to me”

“Sweetest of the sunflowers, yeah, you’re the sun to me”

This is my favorite Zach Bryan song of all time because it’s such a sweet love song and perfect for the summer as Zach calls the person he wrote the song for “the sweetest of the sunflowers.” I know not everyone has a special someone to think about when they listen to this song, but love songs are for anyone who’s ever experienced any type of love (and I think that’s everyone), not just for people who are in love. Therefore, there’s no shame in listening to this song no matter what your relationship status is! Plus, if you imagine Zach wrote this song about you and you’re the sun to him (or to anyone you admire), it’ll make listening to “Sun to Me” even better.


Although I could put twenty or thirty more songs on this list if I wanted to, I’ll spare you the time and end the list off here. Even if these songs don’t become your go-to favorite summer songs, hopefully, they’ll inspire you to listen to some Zach Bryan and form your own opinion of him and his songs (because my opinion is heavily biased with my love for his songs). Whether or not your summer playlist includes Zach Bryan, make sure it brings you happiness this summer because we all deserve amazing playlists to listen to!

Playlist of the all the songs included in this list!
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