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UConn Basketball Game
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It’s Friday Night In Cowtown, Where Should You Go?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Welcome to Storrs, Connecticut — home of the UConn Huskies! We have lots to offer in terms of academics, clubs, and farms, but how is the nightlife scene? What spots do the students hit up after classes? Well, here’s a guide to the student bars of Storrs. In cowtown your options are limited, but there’s fun to be had at all the following establishments, and you are guaranteed an interesting evening. Tears may be shed, fights may go down, and dance circles will be formed. This list is intended for those 21+, so please drink responsibly. 

4. Pourhouse

I have a strong bias against Pourhouse based on the fact that it’s in a random location, and the line to get in is absurdly long for a mid bar. That being said, drinks are very cheap (albeit watered down), and they have a pretty engaging social media presence with their “name nights,” drink deals, and DJs. While not my first choice for a night out, I do love Country Thursdays at Pour. They have established a solid niche in the Storrs nightlife scene with their country music night, and I will gladly pay for an Uber to get down to some Morgan Wallen. However, be wary because service is terrible at this establishment, and as an 18+ bar, it can be a tad sketchy. Be mindful of your surroundings, and who you go with, but that lesson should be carried with you no matter where you find yourself, whether in or outside of Storrs. 

3. Huskies

A friend of mine described Huskies as a “knockoff club,” and I find that to be a perfect descriptor. You will most definitely have a fun-filled night of dancing at this bar that clears out a dance floor by an elevated DJ booth, and a drink will inevitably be spilled on your new Shein top. At the end of the day, Huskies is a UConn classic. It’s your stereotypical college bar, and even if you move on to greener pastures, you will eventually find yourself back at the bouncer’s stand paying way too much for cover, and bonding with drunk girls in line for the bathroom. This bar does take the cake for the ladies’ bathroom boasting multiple stalls and sinks. However, don’t stay too long or you might catch a disease. Upperclassmen hate on Huskies, but in our hearts, it will always be calling our name.

2. tav

Now this is Huskies’ big sister, she’s a little cooler, but in the same family, as Tav is situated right next door. The draw to Tav is that it boasts live music and a chiller vibe. The downside is that you’ll be standing in line for the bathroom for a minimum of 20 minutes, as there is only one toilet for the ladies. Tav is tried and true. If you want a fun night then this is the easy choice. They have a trivia night during the week, and they serve their drinks strong. Closing out Tav is a rite of passage, as is singing with the musicians. This establishment has no shame, and it is gunning for number one on the list, but tradition stands, and the top bar at UConn is…

1. teds

This is the obvious top dog for campus nightlife. It’s the bar that everyone eagerly awaits to be able to get into. The cover is reasonable, and the line is usually manageable. Teds is the holy grail of UConn bars, so even if you are body to body on the porch you are happy to be there. UConn students had some hot takes when asked about which bar is their favorite, and for a little while Tav was looking like it was going to take the cake, but at the end of the day Teds is never going out of style. You can roll up in a sweatshirt or a little crop top and have an equally great time. The drinks are strong, be wary of the Beavers, and the vibes are generally good. You will always run into someone you know. Don’t forget to carve your initials into the wall.

UConn nightlife is what you make of it. We have options, they might be a little rough around the edges, but that’s what you get for a big school in the middle of farmland. This is a truthful recount of what UConn has to offer, and students seem to be in agreement with this ranking. So, as we head into the second half of the semester, take one last shot at the bar, and watch out for flying elbows trying to weasel their way to the front. All things considered, you know you’ll miss it when you graduate. Cheers!

Audrey is a sophomore marketing major and french minor at the university of Connecticut