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If the Characters from “The Office” Were Your Academic Advisors

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

We all know that point in the year when it’s time to start looking ahead to the next semester. But before you can engage in the horror that is picking classes, you have to set up an appointment with your academic advisor.  

I’ve been lucky to have always liked my advisors, but I’ve heard stories from people who haven’t and to them I say: it could be worse.

Here’s what would happen if the characters from The Office were your academic advisors.  


They might walk into the appointment a little late.

Their reaction when they open your file and look at your GPA:

When they look at the classes you’ve decided to take:

When they look at your transcript and see how many requirements you still need to fulfill:

When they ask why you took an extra class you didn’t need, and you say it’s because they told you to take it:

How they feel when you’re rattling off the many questions you have about different classes:

When they don’t understand why you couldn’t pull off an A in a certain class:

When you ask if you really have to take THAT class:

When you ask what THAT class is even about:

When you ask if you really have to do a double-major or a minor:

How they feel when you ask too many questions at once:

When you’ve already been there for a few minutes and they’re hoping you’ll leave soon:

Their reaction to the question, “Am I going to graduate on time?”:

When you say you might come back with more questions:

How they feel when you finally walk out of ~the office~:

When you see them walking through campus later that day and try to ask a quick question:

When you finally graduate and they realize they won’t have to see you again:

Perhaps the Dunder Mifflin crew should stick to selling paper. 

Collegiettes, may you get into the classes you want and have better interactions than these with your academic advisors.


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Amanda is a senior Journalism and Communication double-major with a minor in English. Aside from writing, she loves reading, spending time with family and friends, and making videos. If you can’t find her, she’s probably at the beach. Someday, she hopes to be a director and writer for TV/Film and spend all of her free time traveling. But for now, you can read her articles on Her Campus UConn.