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If “The Bachelor” Contestants were in UConn Sororities

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

This season of The Bachelor may be over, but clearly, we are not over it. We’ve all thought it before: the women on the show are all honestly drop-dead gorgeous and seem like really awesome people for the most part. Ever wondered where these women would fit in to Greek Life at UConn? We decided to match a few memorable women with the 9 different Panhellenic sororities on campus.

Alpha Chi Omega – Raven Gates

Let’s be real, Raven won over America’s hearts with her cute Southern accent and sweet charm. Like an Alpha Chi, she is not afraid to be herself in any situation, and she takes good risks in order to get what she wants. Plus, she knows how to make any situation fun and awesome! Did I mention she is a total sweetheart?

Alpha Epsilon Phi – Danielle Lombard

Danielle L. has this bubbly personality and has been shown to have a big heart. Surely, she is an A-E-Phi because she is caring and carefree. With her, you know you’ll have a great time anywhere you go. She is the ideal sister to have.

Alpha Omicron Pi – Vanessa Grimaldi

From day one, Vanessa proved to America that she was not someone you should mess with. Time and time again, she showed us that she was not afraid to call someone out for their wrong doings, but at the same time, she is someone who truly cares for others. She’d be an Alpha O because she is genuine like that. Plus, she’s not afraid to break out of her comfort zone and try new things!

Alpha Phi – Corinne Olympios

Corinne is the girl everyone loves to hate on, but that’s probably because they’re all jealous of her. At UConn, she would most definitely be an Alpha Phi. She has the ‘it’ factor with her smarts in running a multi-million dollar business, her looks, and her “girls just wanna have fun” personality. Corinne is the type of girl that everyone secretly hopes to be.

Delta Gamma – Elizabeth “Liz” Sandoz

Liz is someone who enjoys standing out of a crowd, and at the same time, she knows how to capture a crowd’s attention. Liz is no doubt a DG. While she was a bit of a controversial contestant, she showed America that she was secure about herself, and is a risk taker. Plus, she has a killer personality.

Gamma Phi Beta – Kristina Schulman

Kristina would hands down be a Gamma Phi. The minute America got to know a little more about her personal life, we were won over. Like a Gamma Phi, she embodies what it really means to be a strong woman for others, and teaches us that no matter what hardships you go through in life, you have to take those struggles to make yourself stronger. You go, girl.

Kappa Alpha Theta – Rachel Lindsay

Rachel has it all. Literally. She is so successful. The 31 year old is a lawyer for crying out loud. She is majorly confident and she has such a contagious personality. There’s no doubt that if she were at UConn, she would fit right in being a Theta. She could even be Theta’s president, that’s how awesome she is.

Phi Sigma Rho – Danielle Maltby

America knows Danielle M. as this really sweet and intelligent woman. Surely, she’d be a Phi Rho for her relaxed and charismatic personality. She is someone you really want to be friends with. Plus, she’d be pretty helpful when it comes to studying for those major exams.

Pi Beta Phi – Alexis Waters

Oh Alexis. The minute we met her, she just had this hilarious and fun personality. There was never a time where Alexis did not have a smile on her face. She’s awkward, but in a good way. Just like a Pi Phi, she is someone you can depend on to give you a good laugh and to be a good friend. Heck, I’d want to be friends with the “shark/dolphin” girl.


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