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gilmore girls, rory reading
gilmore girls, rory reading
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How To Live Like Rory Gilmore For A Day!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

I have watched the entire seven-season series of Gilmore Girls at least four times and it is still my favorite show to this day. For those that haven’t seen the show (you are missing out), the plot is centered around a mother-daughter duo who are best friends and experience life through relationships, lots of family drama, and other normal life obstacles. The show is centered around their goals — Rory wants to become a journalist and her mother, Lorelai wants to open up her own inn. The show is set in a small fictional quaint town called Stars Hollow, where everything is a walking distance away and there are tons of places to eat, shops to visit, and things to do. I would love to live in a place like Stars Hollow one day, where there is no crime and fun events every month of the year. Even if none of us live in Stars Hollow, you can still achieve the complete Rory Gilmore aesthetic. Here’s a guide to having the perfect Stars Hollow day like Rory Gilmore.  


In the series, coffee makes an appearance in most episodes. Either Lorelai is frantically making coffee in their kitchen, or they are running into Luke’s Diner at any time of the day. Rory regularly visits Luke’s Diner for coffee, which she and her mother testify is the best and strongest coffee around. So, start your day by going to a coffee shop or diner and ordering a hot cup of coffee. This will put you in the right mindset and give you energy for a busy day.

Pop Tarts 

The mornings in the Gilmore house usually start with Lorelai popping pop tarts in the toaster for breakfast. Although not the healthiest breakfast option, the tasty breakfast snack is quick and easy to make when you are running out the door and goes great with a cup of coffee. 

Lots of reading and books

Rory loves to read, and she can be seen with a book everywhere she goes. In order to complete the Rory Gilmore aesthetic, bring a book with you to read on the bus, before class, or on a park bench. Since Rory mentioned so many book titles, there is a Rory Gilmore Reading List Challenge, where people can read all the books that Rory was reading in the show.

“I live in two worlds. One is a world of books.”

—Rory Gilmore

Be punctual

While her mother is known for being fashionably late, Rory is always early or right on time whether that be for the weekly Friday night dinners, for her classes, for meeting up with her mom, or for her other daily activities. So if you want to be like Rory, plan ahead and don’t be late.

Study a lot 

Rory is known for being studious and doing extremely well in school. She was the valedictorian at her high school, Chilton, and went on to further her studies at Yale University. Rory spends a lot of time studying and stressing about her upcoming exams and essays. So if you are a college student, use Rory as your motivation and go study! In season 4 episode 6, Rory struggles to find a study spot until coming across a study tree that was on the Yale campus. Now that it is getting warmer, try studying outside and maybe finding a study tree like Rory!

Have a movie night and order takeout 

Throughout the series, Rory and Lorelai have countless movie nights where they order takeout and feast on junk food while binge-watching their favorite movies. They usually run into Doose’s Market for the classic movie snacks, pick up food from Lukes or order takeout. To finish off your Rory Gilmore day, order takeout, gather your favorite snacks, and have a fun movie night with your family or friends.

Rory has a lot of positive traits like her study routines, love for books, and being organized and punctual, which you could incorporate into your day-to-day life. I love Rory and her character at the beginning (seasons one to four) before she hits her downfall in the later years at Yale (seasons five and beyond). Rory’s character at the beginning of the series reminds me a lot of myself — I spend a lot of time studying, I love books, I have a coffee addiction and I am an aspiring journalist like she was. Although Rory is a lovable character, the show would be incomplete without the other witty and fun Stars Hollow locals as well.

If you need more Rory Gilmore inspiration, all seven seasons and the revival are currently streaming on Netflix.

Sara is a sophomore at the University of Connecticut studying journalism. She enjoys writing articles for Her Campus that capture the lifestyle and culture of college life. She is also a staff writer and copy editor for UConn's student-run newspaper, The Daily Campus. Additionally, she writes for Nutmeg Publishing and the Undergraduate Political Review. When she is not writing, she enjoys playing the clarinet in the UConn Marching and Pep Band, reading historical fiction books, listening to country music and spending time with friends.