How to Survive Cuffing Season While Being Single

Cuffing season is in full effect, and for my single people out there, that may be your worst nightmare. If you’ve found yourself crying in your bed alone at 8pm watching cheesy Rom-coms on Netflix, that’s a good sign you’ve come to the right place. Unfortunately, I’m not going to just tell you to fill the void with food and sob over a tub of ice cream. This is a full-fledged intervention. Here are 6 tips on how to survive cuffing season from a professional single.


1.) Understand it’s okay to do your own thing

Not everyone is dating, and even so, you don't need another person to be whole. It might seem like everyone around you is cuffed, and that everything is going really great, but the grass might not be so greener on the other side. It's okay to be alone, and there are so many other things that can make you feel whole than having a significant other.


2.) Build stronger relationships with your friends

Building meaningful relationships with your friends can be so fulfilling, and the cure to almost any heartache. Being in the present and having real conversation strengthens those relationships. Sometimes we can get lost in our own heads and we need people around that we can rely on. Your friendships, and relationships with family can prove to mean so much more than any Brad or Chad.


3.) Develop your passions and skills

Developing hobbies or passions you have can do wonders for your self esteem. Following your passions gives yourself character, and purpose. You don’t need someone else to validate you, you can validate yourself by working on the things that make you, you. Plus, no one likes a boring person anyway. The law of attraction will do its thing if you put your best, most authentic self out into the world.


4.) Keep busy

Filling your time with things to do or things that make you happy helps your mind to get off any thoughts about how single you are. Transfer the time you spend obsessing over it, and utilize that to really participate in things and actually be present in the life you’re living.


5.) Discover what you really want

Give yourself time to really analyze your standards; what you really want from a relationship, not just what you’ll settle for. If you can’t understand the things that make you happy, you probably won’t understand how to make someone else happy either. In the wise words of Ru Paul, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”


6.) Take Social media breaks

You might as well delete Twitter during cuffing szn because every other post is about the 100 roses and candles you’re not getting. All jokes aside, on social media, the coupled up posts can seem overwhelming. You might find it in your best interest to put it down sometimes and take a break.


Stay strong my single Collegiettes!