How to Stay Fashion-Relevant in the Winter

Is it even possible to stand out in the winter when it seems like all we wear each day is our winter parka and snow boots?  Not to mention the complete lack of motivation we have this time of year.  Winter can be tough and it’s hard to find the motivation to put any kind of effort into our appearance. As someone with self-diagnosed winter/seasonal depression, I’m a firm believer in “look good, feel good.”  Investing in how you look can give you the push you need to take on the day. Here are some tips on how to stay fashion-relevant in the winter.

They key is ~accessorizing~. We can’t avoid the winter fashion staples of a parka and boots so we have to work around them. The goal is to look put-together, even if we aren’t (most of the time).

Let’s start with cute, but warm jackets. This is the most important article of clothing in the winter.  It’s definitely worth the investment to get a nice winter jacket, even more than one, considering you're probably wear it every day.  If you only get one, make sure it's a neutral colored jacket that will go with any outfit.










Scarves. Decorative and warm, scarves are the perfect way to accent your outfit. Try different colors and patterns that will stand out over your winter jacket. Infinity scarves and blanket scarves are a great and effortless way to add warmth and style to your #OOTD.










Ripped jeans. Along with being super trendy right now, ripped jeans can add detail to your look. Try ripped jeans instead of regular ones to for a little bit of flair.

A variety of boots. Some favorites are Hunter rain boots, L.L. Bean boots, North Face snow boots, riding boots, and booties. Switch it up with changing the type of boots that you wear for a different look each day.










Boot socks. Add socks that show above your boots to add even more detail to the basic, but classic, boot look.










Hats. Keep warm while adding something else to make you stand out or if you're just having a bad hair day. Try a beanie or floppy hat. A personal favorite are the Love Your Melon beanies, they're super cute and have a great mission behind them. With every hat you purchase, you're helping to provide a hat to a child battling cancer.










Handbags and backpacks. Probably my favorite accessory, whether it’s a tote or a backpack, I love big bags. Get one that fits everything you need but is also fashionable. Win, win!!










Get creative with makeup. While the rest of you is all covered up all the time, focus on the visible part of you. Use makeup to add color and detail to your look. 










Get a mani. It makes for the perfect Instagram pic along with your Starbucks.










Sweaters. To wear underneath your jacket when you need to add and subtract layers, because we’re constantly sweating at UConn no matter how cold it is outside.

Stay stylish collegiettes!