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How It Feels to be a Second Semester Senior

Being a second semester senior is a unique stage of life. You realize that you finally got the hang of college life; balancing school, extracurriculars, social life, chores and so on, only to find out that this is your last semester and you will once again be a confused hot mess post undergrad. You also start to realize that this is your last shot of experiencing new things in your undergrad career and you develop the “bucket list syndrome.”

You have friends that have jobs lined up, friends who are going to graduate schools, and friends who just do not know what lies ahead once that tassel goes from right to left. You realize that those people who you were with in orientation have all gone through such unique and diverse journeys to get to where they are now (which 90% of the time is not where they expected to be). That guy who was a finance major in freshman year is now on his way to medical school. That girl who was bio/pre-med and hated writing is now into marketing and writing for Her Campus. (Yes, that’s me!)

Most of all, you realize that this may possibly be the last time you see your friends on a daily basis and you will do everything in your power to spend as much time with them as possible. You cherish every luncheon and squad dinners as much as possible, every bar night and late night talk holds a special place in your heart.

All that drama you had suddenly just perishes and you no longer care about who said what. The drama becomes obsolete and you are in your own little happy bubble. You are just one giant ball of stress-induced, anxiety-filled, carefree, happy-go-lucky, sentimental human.

Being a second semester senior feels like this:

And this:

Also this:

Definitely this:

On behalf of all the second-semester seniors, yes we know we are old, please do not remind us. We do realize that the end is near and we need to figure out the future. The majority of us don’t know yet and it’s causing enough anxiety without you asking us what’s next. We will let you know as soon we let ourselves know. Try your best not to mention the fact that we are leaving, us second-semester seniors love to live in denial, swimming in our pool of wine, incase you haven’t noticed.

Being a second-semester senior is a bitter-sweet feeling. No matter what, when commencement comes around, you’ll look back at your undergrad career and smile because you made it this far.


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