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How Has Scott Disick Been Coping With Kourtney Kardashian’s Engagement?

After a nine-year relationship and three kids, Kourtney Kardashian has snagged the engagement ring, but not from Scott Disick. On October 17, 2021, Travis Barker got down on one knee at a beachside hotel in Montecito surrounded by an array of roses and candles in the shape of a heart. Kourtney took to Instagram to confirm their engagement to the public with a post captioned “forever.” The scenic engagement has been described as exactly what Kourtney dreamed of. Kourtney seems that she will finally get her happily ever after, but we can not say the same for Scott.

After being on and off again for nearly a decade Kourtney and Scott called it quits in 2015 due to Scott’s substance abuse, but some claim that Scott’s infidelity may have contributed to the split after pictures of Scott and his now-ex Chloe Bartoli surfaced prior to their break-up. During their time together a proposal was attempted by Scott, but Kourtney was not on the same page, and the two decided that their relationship was okay as is and that marriage would complicate things. In recent years, since their split, the two have maintained their relationship while co-parenting their three children. Despite this, Scott has been hopeful in regards to rekindling the love he and Kourtney had. In an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Scott told Kourtney  “Well, I love you, and I’m ready to marry you right here, right now” and he added, “Kourtney Knows that we will eventually get married and live a good life.” To complicate things even further, the progression of Kourtney and Travis’s relationship has thrown a wrench in Scott’s future plans with Kourtney. 

To no surprise, after years of being close friends and neighbors with Travis, rumors that he and Kourtney were no longer “just friends” began to circulate on social media. The first rumors began back in 2018 after the two were spotted around town together, but rumors didn’t pick up again until February 2019 when the two were spotted at an outing in Malibu together. Their relationship had been confirmed earlier this year in January and— unless you have been living under a rock for the entirety of 2021—  you to have succumbed to the media hail storm of criticism and praise for this steamy new couple. We cannot seem to get away from Kravis headlines these days and we are not complaining, but Scott Disick is. Scott Disick along with the rest of the KUWTK fan base is now completely engrossed in the Kravis romance. This leaves us wondering how Scott has been coping, if at all?

It’s clear that Scott has had a hard time coming to terms with Kourtney’s new engagement. Originally a source claimed that Disick was feeling “ok” in light of the Kourtney/Travis romance because he “believes he still has the upper hand being the kids’ father,” but after being split for years it is becoming increasingly evident that Scott is losing his chance at ever winning Kourtney back. Scott began losing hope saying he started to feel distant from the Kardashian clan after wrapping up Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Disick then claimed to “give his blessing” but his actions after this say otherwise. Scott has been vocal about his disapproval of Kravis PDA. After a trip to Italy that filled our screens with PDA between Kourtney and Travis, Scott foolishly messaged Kourtney’s ex-boyfriend Younes Bendjima. Thinking Bendijima would be on board with his disapproval, Scott said “Yo is this chick ok!?????” to which Bendijima replied, “It doesn’t matter to me as long as she’s happy. PS: I ain’t your bro.” After his embarrassing exchange, sources claim that Disick is “sick of seeing photos of them splashed everywhere” as he does not want their kids to see this “R-rated” behavior. Sources claim that Scott has felt increasingly distant from the Kardashians since and has only been in communication with Kourtney in regards to co-parenting their three children. 

More recent news claims that Scott may be turning a new leaf. Sources reveal that Scott may be moving on as he is open to settling down in the future. Although he hasn’t fully moved on from Kourtney “seeing Kourtney so happy has shown him that he can find real love too.” It is possible that Kourtney’s sister Khloe has helped him with this revelation. Khloe and Scott have had a close friendship since Kourtney and Scott began dating. Sources claim that the two have been offering each other mutual support amidst Kourtney and Travis’s relationship and Tristan Thompson’s paternity lawsuit.

Just like Scott, I’m sure we’re all wondering why Travis? And why now? I mean – how did Travis manage to get what Disick couldn’t achieve in almost a decade? No matter the answer we are all happy for Kourtney who seems to truly be in love with Travis. Travis seems to care deeply for Kourtney and her kids and we wish them all the best in their futures.

Adriana is a Sophomore at the University of Connecticut, studying Communication and Economics.
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