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The Beginning: 

Her Campus Media was founded by Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, Annie Wang, and Windsor Hanger Western when they met at Harvard in college and became fast friends. They invented Her Campus, a student publication for women on campus. The publication quickly garnered attention from the Harvard student population, and soon colleges across the country. Stephanie, Annie, and Windsor wanted to grow their once small company onto a national level, and eventually won Harvard’s 2009 business plan competition with their vision for the future Her Campus Media. In the last 10 years, these women have built Her Campus into the number one media portfolio for college women. Today, Her Campus remains 100% women-owned-and-operated. 

My experience:

My freshman year of college, I took online classes from home, out of state, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I wanted to find ways to get involved and meet new people while being so far away. Thanks to Instagram, I saw an application link for Her Campus, an online college magazine for women by women. I immediately applied and have been thankful I did ever since. Her Campus has given me some of the best experiences in college and led me to one of my best friends.


Words from some of our girls:

Amélie: “As an international student, I wanted to find a way to meet other students outside the international student bubble. I also love to write and was considering starting a blog. However, writing for HC gave me an even better opportunity for my work to be seen by more people, all while meeting other girls with the same interests as me.”

Chloe: “ would recommend joining HC because of the wonderful group of ladies, networking opportunities, and the opportunity to build up your writing resume!”

Elysia: “I would recommend joining HC because it is a great community of girls that have similar interests and it improves your writing skills so much.”

Emily: “I’ve had so many good experiences in this club. From trips such as bowling and apple picking to alumni panels and career advice, I have learned a lot in a fun, low-stakes environment. Meeting and getting to know everyone through bonding activities and reading everyone’s articles has been super fun as well.”

Makenna: “All of the girls are so welcoming and friendly! It’s a great club to practice your writing skills and gain exposure to many opportunities.”

Riley: “My favorite experiences in HC have been getting to know everyone and being able to bond over the things we write about!”

Lilly: “I recommend joining HC because everyone is super sweet & beautiful and it’s like having a girl gang!”

Valeria: “I really enjoy writing for fun and I loved the idea of a community of women all supporting each other and being creative.”

Molly (VP): “I would recommend joining HC because not only is it a great way to network and develop your writing skills, but it also is a great opportunity to join a community of like-minded women who will always support you! I can say with full confidence that HC has been my favorite part of my college experience so far.”

Sarah (President): “I love doing bonding activities during and outside of meetings. I’ve also been really proud of other members when they get recognized for their writing on a bigger scale.”

To read more of the incredible work by these amazing girls, click the ‘Meet the Team’ tab under HerCampus UConn!

Her Campus UConn apple picking bonding event
Original photo by Amélie Mahony
Sadie is a sophomore at the University of Connecticut double majoring in Journalism & Gender Law and minoring in Women's studies. She’s a raging feminist and iced chai tea latte extraordinaire.
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