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Halloween at UConn As Told by F.R.I.E.N.D.S

When you’re a collegiette at UConn, Halloween is not only a holiday but an entire weekend of chilling costumes and haunting parties (literally). We take this weekend, commonly referred to as “Halloweekend”, pretty seriously around here and the preparation starts as early as October 1st.

Once the first signs of fall hit campus, we frantically start to search for the perfect costumes (yes, that’s plural). Of course, we are poor struggling college students, so most of us will head down to Savers or Goodwill on the hunt to find everything we need before someone steals our costume idea.

Once we have our costumes settled, we spend the whole month brainstorming makeup, hair, and accessory ideas that will bring Halloween to the next level.

Finally, midterms are over, we’ve gotten through the month of October, and the Halloweekend we’ve all been waiting for is here.

The first night out goes great. We’re looking hot in our sexy cat costume, feeling good, and ready to to bump and grind to The Monster Mash. But, before we go out we have to send a pic to our mom, only to be replied to with wishes that we were still dressing up as mummies.

After a few sips of “apple cider”, we’re ready to go out and show the world how great we look.

The first two nights out are great. Our costumes are somehow both sexy and funny, everyone’s having a good time, and we even saw a hot guy dressed as a banana.

It’s now Sunday night and we think the weekend is over only to have our friends mention going out one more time since it is Halloweekend. Unfortunately, we only planned for two costumes, so we have to quickly pull one more together.

We’ve barely made it out alive, but Halloweekend is finally over just in time for our three exams and two papers due this week. Nothing can ruin the spook-tacular Halloween we just had, though, and we’re already thinking of costume ideas for next year.

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