A Guide to Disney’s Toy Story Land: Here's What You Need to Know

On June 3, 2018, Toy Story Land officially opened at Disney's Hollywood Studios! Ready for guests to play big in Andy's backyard with Woody, Buzz and all their friends, this addition to the park is an immersive experience like no other. 

Filled with new attractions and food options, there are so many things for visitors to experience during their visit. I was there opening weekend along with thousands of other people, all trying to get a glimpse of Andy's backyard. After taking it all in, here are some of the must-dos from Disney's highly anticipated, Toy Story Land: 

1. Slinky Dog Dash

Image courtesy of Emily Lauzon 

Love roller coasters? You CAN'T miss this ride on the back of slinky dog himself through all the excitement that is, Toy Story Land. The detail throughout the land itself is amazing but make sure to keep your eyes peeled when you walk through the queue of this attraction. Riders get a glimpse of Andy's sketches and plans for the ride right as they're about to get on. At the end of the coaster, don't miss Weezy singing some of your favorite songs from the movie!

2. Alien Swirling Saucers

Two words: THE CLAW. This ride was my personal favorite because of the music and all the detail! Riders climb aboard an alien-piloted rocket ship which spins to some funky space music. If you ride at the right time you might end up whirling and twirling to the iconic tune, "You Got a Friend in Me." 

3. The Food 

If there is one thing Disney does well, it's food, and Toy Story Land is no exception. Here you can find many unique creations, specifically made and themed after the land itself. Toy Story Land is home to a little something called totchos,  tater tot nachos. Yes, you heard me correctly. They're topped with corn chips, chili, and queso. YUM! Along with that, there are several items available at Woody's Lunchbox that you'll need to try. For all of you out there with a sweet tooth, the S'more French Toast is right up your alley. Anytime you get an offer to eat s'mores for breakfast, you can't pass it up. Other options include the Grilled Three-Cheese Sandwich and the Lunch Box Tarts, Disney's spin on the classic and well-loved pop-tart. Make sure you're coming to Toy Story Land on an empty stomach because these treats are too good to pass up. 

4. The Merchandise

When it comes to trips to Disney World, a pair of Mickey or Minnie ears are a theme park staple when it comes to accessorizing. However, Toy Story Land changed the game when they came out with Slinky Dog Headbands. If there is a place where it's socially acceptable to be walking around with Slinky Dog on your head, this is it. They might seem a little odd at first, but they're super cute in person. If you're thinking that a Slinky Dog Headband might not be your thing, maybe an alien headband or necklace is more up your alley. 

Last but not least, I can't forget to mention the three Instagram worthy locations found in Toy Story Land. If you're not on the lookout for new Instagram spots when you're on vacation, what are you even doing? Check them all out on Instagram! @toystorylandblockwall @toystorylandluxoball @thepopsiclestickwall 

If this hasn't convinced you already, Toy Story Land is the place to be during your next Walt Disney World vacation! Take it from someone who battled thousands of people in the 90-degree heat and humidity during opening weekend; you don't want to miss it!