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Golden Bachelor: Finding Love Never Looked So Young

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I think it’s safe to say that even if you aren’t a complete fan of the series, you definitely have stumbled upon the world of The Bachelor, from watching Zach getting down on one knee to Kaity in S27, or more recently in The Bachelorette with Charity choosing Dotun to be her fiancé at the end of the S20 finale. But now #BachelorNation has gone a step further by applying the same formula to another target audience: the 60+ demographic of America. Here is where we find the newest addition to the series, The Golden Bachelora man who wants to find love later in life since “it’s never too late to fall in love… again.” Although the premise of the show is not different from the original series, the show still caught my attention. As an avid reality TV lover, I decided to take the time to watch the premiere episode to see if it could live up to the other competing Bachelor franchises or if this was the true star that the series was missing all along. Will the show still contain the same drama as the originals. Will the 60+ adults be able to keep calm while finding their love? Keep reading to learn all there is to know about the hot new show. 

Meet america’s first golden BACHELOR

When choosing who the new face of The Golden Bachelor was going to be, I definitely think that Gerry Turner was the right pick. He is someone that right off the bat when you hear him speak, you are already falling in love with his sweet personality, and ready to come with him on the journey to find love later in life. The episode starts with the heartwarming story of the life Turner had with his high school sweetheart, Toni, spending 43 years of marriage together. But it was sad to see how this happiness soon turned for the worse. As soon as they both retired, his wife caught a virus and shortly after died. The emotional heartbreak and shock that was seen in Turner’s eyes when reliving this incident showed his genuine nature evoking a pain that resonates with nearly anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one. With it being more than six years since his wife passed, Turner is ready to move onto the next phase in his life, open to finding love at 72 and spending the rest of his days with a partner by his side. 

Leave the limo & enter the mansion

Even though The Golden Bachelor has a different age group of women entering the mansion, this didn’t stop these ladies from getting out of the car and trying to have an immediate connection with Gerry right from the start. The one thing that struck me the most when watching the limos pull up to the mansion, with Gerry awaiting their arrival, was that most came out of the car with nothing but a smile and an eagerness to meet their potential future husband. Someone like Edith, the first woman to step out of the limo to meet Turner, came with nothing but herself and a couple of confetti cannons in a golden dress. This definitely benefited her since she was given a rose later in the Rose Ceremony to stay another week. But, in good Bachelor fashion, some women wanted to make their mark with Turner, from chanting cheers to riding a motorcycle, walking in with a basket full of eggs, and doing the chicken dance. It is safe to say that no matter the age, someone can keep an energetic, fun nature when finding love. 

When thinking about the dynamic between the women, it’s pleasantly refreshing to see that rather than the competition between the women that is constantly the driven narrative of The Bachelor series, they were open and excited to meet one another and take part in this adventure together. Though there were times when the inevitable jealousy arose, since Turner had been growing connections with certain women from the start, it was still nice to see less drama from the women fighting over a man. Although I do not know how long this will last, I believe that this will be a common theme throughout the show, since compared to the twentysomethings who are usually the contestants on the other franchises, these women have experienced so much in life and are more mature in the sense of just being themselves and letting moments happen naturally.

First Impression Rose

The portion of the night that every viewer anticipates is the First Impression Rose. This rose is given to the woman who caught Turner’s eye the most during the first night and made the best connection with him so far. In the premiere episode, we see Faith serenade Gerry with a beautiful song she wrote just for him (so cute, right?), taking a moment just to stare into each other’s eyes and really taking the time to be honest and enjoy each other’s presence. Turner could sense what I, along with the rest of America, felt watching and being a part of that special moment, so I definitely agree that she deserved the First Impression Rose. In Bachelor form, Turner sealed the perfect occasion with a kiss, making all the women whisper among themselves, knowing they had to make even more effort if they genuinely wanted to stay and grow their connections with him.

Final thoughts

Overall, while the show caters to an older demographic, it’s something that everyone can watch and become obsessed with instantly. The series is captivating because it is like nothing that has ever been seen before. It is interesting to see what it truly is like to date when you are 60+, since this is the period that most people assume you should be married. But this show proves that no matter your age, love is still out there waiting for you. From the season’s teaser, it already looks to be a good season, packed with the drama that comes with each elimination as the romance between Turner and the remaining women heats up, causing sparks to fly and even a few tears being shed along the way. It is still too soon to place any bets on who his future wife could be. I guess I’ll just have to tune into the next episode to experience these love stories coming to life right before my eyes.

Leann is a Junior at the University of Connecticut studying English and Political Science with a minor in Crime and Justice. She enjoys writing about pop culture, music, and wellness. Leann is currently a part of the policy team at the State of Rhode Island General Assembly Internship Program In her spare time, she loves reading, writing poems, and using any excuse to wear fun makeup looks.