Going to a Frat Party: As Told By Gossip Girl

Frat Parties. You either love them, or hate them... or you love to hate them. Every college girl has experienced her fair share of these basement parties with endless jungle juice and seas of salmon shorts, and even though we often swear off them, we always seem to come back every weekend. Who better than the Upper East Siders from Gossip Girl to explain the struggle?


When two people making out in the corner start grinding up against you:


TFW the cute guy you’ve been staring at all night starts dancing with a tall, tan, blonde girl:


Being tipsy and seeing that girl in your bio lab you talked to once:


When you see that no one else decided to dress up for the theme, so you're stuck in floaties and a hula skirt while everyone around you is wearing body-con dresses and heels:


That moment you’re hit with the realization that you’re in a dark, sweaty, dirty basement and that college parties are nothing like you see in movies:


When you can’t stop thinking about the Dominos you’re going to order later:


Seeing guys in salmon shorts and moccas​ins start going after your friends like predators going in for the kill:


When they play the same song for the 16th time that night:


Pushing your way through a sea of push-up bras and muscle shirts to try to score a Jack and Coke:


When a guy starts to thrust his sweaty body against you with no warning:


Having fun dancing with your girls until you realize you didn’t submit the Blackboard assignment that was due three hours ago:


That inevitable moment around 12 am when someone screams that the cops have arrived:


How you feel after making it through the night without puking/being puked on:






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