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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

This season of The Bachelor with Matt James has truly been different than any season aired on ABC before. I know Chris Harrison says that every year, but I mean, we’re in the middle of a pandemic, what isn’t different RN? 

An overall fan favorite this season has proven to be 30-year-old Katie Thurston from Renton, Washington. In a season filled with more gossip, rumors and mean girls then ever, Katie has stayed true to herself with each and every episode. The support for her only continued to grow after night one when she unapologetically brought a sex toy with her as she stepped out of the limo to meet Matt, and as she held the show’s bullies accountable for their actions when things were taken too far. 

So, who is Katie Thurston outside of Bachelor Nation?

 Let’s find out, because I have a feeling she’s awesome in real life too. 

It was clear after watching Katie’s bold first impression that she was confident and comfortable talking about her sexuality, which carries far beyond her Monday night appearances. On Instagram, Katie talks about sex and body positivity with complete openess. Most recently, Katie called out one of her followers for body-shaming after receiving a nasty comment. With true class, Katie reposted the comment on her Instagram story and simply wrote, “You don’t get to come on my page and body shame any of my people. Immediate block.” 

As you should, body positive, confident, anti-mean girl, queen. 

Before making her Bachelor debut, Katie already had a following on Tik Tok where she regularly posts a mix of comedy, female empowerment and fun lip syncing videos. Today, her account, @ventwithkatie, has totaled over 267,000 followers. You go girl. 

Besides being a full time girl boss, Katie is also a bank marketing manager in Washington. However, I have a feeling she’s got bigger things headed her way. Rumor has it Katie is a potential Bachelorette for next season, and TBH, I’m here for it. After she *finally* got a one-on-one date with Matt and they hilariously pranked bachelor nation heartthrob, Tyler Cameron, Matt surprisingly sent Katie home after telling her his relationships with the other women have just progressed more. TBH, I think there is a better man out there for Katie than Matt, and I think I speak for most of us when I say we’re all excited to see what she does next. In an Instagram post from January 2nd, Katie says, “…Get the career. Save the money. Start that 401k. Buy the house. And for what? An entire decade to pass without feeling fulfilled? This past year I finally unapologetically loved who I am…” Throughout Katie’s social media you’ll see her posting pictures of her cat, Tommy, sporting a “Let’s get weird” t-shirt and supporting all the strong, successful women in her life. As someone who has watched The Bachelor since Sean and Catherine Lowe found love in 2013, at literally age 12, I can honestly say it is refreshing to see a genuinely humble, great influence getting attention because of the show. 

Until we find out if Katie is our next Bachelorette, give her a follow at @ventwithkatiee on Instagram and @ventwithkatie on Tik Tok so we can show The Bachelor franchise just how much of a fan favorite she is.

Caylie is a junior communications and journalism major at the University of Connecticut. When she's not writing for HerCampus, she's probably writing for her blog, Going In Blonde. While her laptop charges, you might find Caylie going for a run, scrolling through Tik Tok, or taking a million photos of her dog.