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Food Trucks: The newest alternative to the dining halls

Are you tired of the usual beef and chicken Mexican tacos? Do you want to try something as new to campus as the freshmen? Are you ready to savor something delicious and exciting? Food for Thought is the restaurant on wheels you’re looking for!


Usually located by the Homer Babbidge Library on Fairfield Way, Food for Thought is worth the visit this semester. The unique menu offers various tacos with a splash of Moroccan, Thai and other foreign blends. Stephanie, Food For Thought Truck Manager, said that these different taco creations are innovated by our very own Dining Hall Services chefs.  Not only can you get an exotic feel to your taco, but they also have vegan and gluten free options.

Food for Thought can occasionally be spotted at different locations like the Husky Dog, Farmer Brown lot, and many more. In addition to the variety of locations, this food truck participates in late night, which means late night snacks for study breaks! What could be better than studying and tacos?

Luckily for UCONN, The simple tacos aren’t the only quick snacks that Food for Thought is offering. For only 99 cents you can add protein packed crickets to your meal! Although this may cause a chill in some customers, it fits the theme of eccentric food perfectly.

 “They taste earthy and very nutty,” said Olivia Perry 16’, who preferred her crickets sprinkled on her Moroccan Chick Pea & Sweet Potato tacos. 

When talking to the food truck student worker, Gaston 18’, he said that not many people buy the crickets, but when they do they seem very excited. According to Food for Thought, there is a boy on campus that constantly stops by and buys multiple servings of crunchy crickets.  Wonder what for? Mhm.

“The crickets taste like Doritos with out the cheese,” Gaston 18’ said when asked about the flavor.


Overall, Food for thought is a great alternative to the dining halls for any time of the day. Whether you want some tasty tacos, a cricket protein boost, or any other delicious snack, Food for Thought is the place to be. 

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