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Finals Week is among us, and amidst your studying and stressing you may be experiencing some of the common struggles of college finals. Here is finals as told by New Girl:


1. When your professor makes the final a group project:

Nick Miller New Girl GIF People are the worst
GIPHY / 20th Century Fox Television

Nothing like 30% of your final grade being dependent on two other strangers you’ve never met before. Especially when the final is online.


2. When you hear that the online final is not open-note:

20th Century Fox Television / Giphy

What’s the point of online school if we can’t use our notes? Right?


3. When you can’t decide if you want to pull an all-nighter to study or just forget it and watch Netflix:

New Girl Nick Miller Emotional GIF
Giphy / Fox

It’s an emotional battle, especially when it’s 3 am and you’re majorly sleep-deprived.


4. When you’re an emotional eater:

New Girl Nick GIF - Chinese Food
Giphy / Fox

Everyone copes with stress in different ways and if you want to forget calories exist the night before your exam, you do you.


5. When your roommate (with no finals) tries to lure you into ditching studying to do something fun:

Nick Miller New Girl GIF Boundaries
GIPHY / 20th Century Fox Television

C’mon, you know all I want is to order pizza and watch old movies but I can’t fail out of college!


6. When your professor makes the final exam a final project instead:

New Girl Nick Miller Trapped GIF
Giphy / Fox

This is good, right? Is it actually more work than an exam would have been? Is this too good to be true?


7. When you’re studying and you’re just not getting it:

New Girl Nick Miller Frustrated GIF
Giphy / Fox

Maybe if I hit my head against a pillow 100 times I’ll eventually remember the material?


8. When you start getting grades back…and you aren’t happy:

Getting grades back can definitely call for some alone time and even blasting “All Too Well” while crying – we understand, Jess.


9. Finally, when you get your grade back and it’s better than expected:

New Girl Nick Miller Started from Bottom GIF
Giphy / Fox

You may have put the bare minimum effort in to study, but once you get that A or B your confidence skyrockets, and suddenly you’re quoting Drake.


Whether you’re stress eating, not sleeping, or just want to play True American with the New Girl cast, Finals Week is rough for everyone. No matter what happens, you will make it through. You got this!

Molly is the Vice President and a contributing writer for Her Campus UConn. A junior at the University of Connecticut, she is currently studying Communication with minors in English and Political Science. She enjoys writing, movies, art, dogs, and anything fall-related.
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