Feeling Glamorous With TRESemmé: Sample Review

Let me start by saying thank you to TRESemmé, and that I am so lucky to have been selected from Her Campus to test the new TRESemmé Botanique Nourish and Replenish hair care line. Honestly, I haven’t gone back to my old products after using these new ones because they smell delicious, my hair has never felt healthier, and the compliment train just keeps rolling in.

During my sampling process I took notes either in the morning or at the end of the day after using all three or just one product. Below is a day-by-day review with my experience using the Tresemme Botanique Nourish and Replenish line.

(Photo of all the products that were in the sample)

My hair type: Long, partly straight, partly wavy, brunette. Never dyed, occasionally blow-dried, some flat iron use, mostly stays in a bun, ponytail, or braid. These long locks can’t stand the humidity and when it gets cold outside, it flattens like a pancake leaving me with nothing to work with.

Day 1: The first night, I washed my hair with the shampoo and conditioner and oh my goodness I couldn’t believe how soft my hair was when I massaged in both of the creamy products and I loved the scent. Coconut milk and aloe vera are the two active ingredients and, believe me, it smells like I stepped onto a Caribbean island with a refreshing piña colada in hand.

I could have stayed in that shower all night, it was that good. After, I wrapped my hair in a towel and let it dry overnight to wake up with partially wavy strands that were soft to the touch and smelled of coconuts. Knowing that I'd be spending the day on the water, I misted the Botanique Damage Recovery Oil Elixir on the middle and ends of my hair and put it in a braid to keep it off my face. During the day, my hair kept its shape in the braid and was shiny all day, even after taking a dunk in the ocean. I was happily surprised that my hair was still silky smooth even after being immersed in salt water, which normally dries up my locks and makes it disgusting to touch.  At the end of the day, I was still shocked by how quickly the products worked their magic and maintained luscious shiny hair all day long.

Day 2: After washing my hair that morning with the shampoo and conditioner, I sprayed the oil elixir onto my hair and brushed it through to distribute it evenly. From there, it was easier for me to manipulate my hair into a double French braid. It was another hot and humid day, so I thought putting it into a braid kept it stylish, sporty, and out of my way when I was doing activities. By the end of the day, my hair was wavy from the braids, soft to the touch, and shimmering.

Day 3: Today I attended an afternoon event and didn’t have time to go through a whole wash routine so I thought I would put heat tools to the test. I sprayed the oil elixir on my hair before curling it. I rarely ever style my hair with heat tools but this time I thought I'd give it a shot. I was going for beachy waves but soon came to realize that perhaps the oil elixir would have worked better after I stylized my hair, as opposed to before. I noticed all the curls kept coming undone, so I ended up sticking to flat-ironing my hair after some strands had become bent and others were pin straight. Even though my hair looked silky smooth, I was still a little annoyed that I couldn’t achieve the desired look. What made up for it were the compliments I received, from the smell to the shine of my hair. Someone even asked if I had gone to the salon to get my hair done!

Day 4: This was a similar routine to the first day – hair washed in the morning, oil sprayed, combed through and styled into a braid. I received many compliments again which I didn’t mind, and gave me good reason to verify that these products were working well. You can never get too many compliments, especially on your hair.

Day 5: I don’t usually wash my hair everyday because I know it strips away the essential natural oils but this morning was a hot one; the humidity was uncontrollable and my hair was heavy and sticky on my shoulders. I knew taking a cold shower would not only cool me off but also I could use the TRESemmé products again and I couldn’t resist. Especially with the last weeks of July, the humidity usually sucks the life out of my hair but this TRESemmé line has saved my hair. These products are a great pick-me-up, especially in a morning shower. As the day went on, my hair felt healthier and I felt happier.

Day 6: This is the last day of the Tresemmé trial period but I can tell you now it is not the end of my usage of these products. Today wasn’t any different from the rest and in the morning I misted my locks with the magical oil elixir and left my hair down, letting it do its thing. Today I wanted to see what would happen if I didn’t do anything to it and once again I was happy with the turnout. My hair was softer than ever before (I couldn’t stop twirling it thorugh my fingers) and despite it being humid out, my locks didn’t crack!  My hair has never felt so healthy since using this new line.

Once again, thank you to Her Campus and TRESemmé for sending out these samples, my hair and confidence has never been better!  


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