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Feel Good Music For Your Playlists This Spring!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Now that sunbeams and clear skies have slowly started to replace the harsh winds and weather storms, it seems fitting to refresh our music playlists. The long months of cold, icy temperatures might have left some of us feeling down with winter blues, but spring has come to wake us up and fill us with warmth. The leaves will come back to the trees, wild critters will run across the campus again, and we will remember all the possibilities the world holds for us. Whether you feel ambivalent or elated about the change in weather, here are nine songs to listen to while you go about your day.

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“Boy’s a liar Pt. 2”

But I don’t sleep enough without you
& I can’t eat enough without you
If you don’t speak, does that mean we’re through?

– Pink Pantheress & Ice Spice, Boy’s a liar Pt. 2

This song has nothing to do with spring weather and it wasn’t released during spring either. Yet that will not stop me from adding it to this list because this song is a gift from some of the most brilliant and innovative music industry creators, Pink Pantheress and Ice Spice. The two artists rose to fame through virality on TikTok, elating both their fanbases when they released the remix of PinkPantheress’s November single, “Boy’s a liar,” followed by a music video. Ice Spice, “rap’s new princess,” adds a new verse to the track in her iconic calm style of rapping that brings hardness to otherwise dance-pop songs. The energetic beat and confrontational lyrics make this song the perfect thing to listen to while enjoying life.

“Kiss Me”

Kiss me out of the bearded barley
Nightly, beside the green, green grass
Swing, swing, swing the spinning step
You wear those shoes, & I will wear that dress

– Sixpence None the Richer, Sixpence None the Richer

This song has been featured in many springtime playlists, but that is for a reason considering it was nominated for a Grammy. The 1998 single from the band Sixpence None the Richer has been remembered through time as one of the best pop songs of its time. Fun fact: It was the first song pop legend Taylor Swift learned to play on the guitar when she was 12 years old. The sound of the upbeat guitar immediately sends listeners into a serene state while lead vocalist Leigh Nash croons a lovely, hopeful song filled with descriptive imagery of idyllic nature scenes. No matter what time of year I listen to this song, I am immediately transported to a world where I can spin in the “green, green grass” under the sky and think of new beginnings.

“Here Comes Your Man”

There is a wait so long
(So long, so long)
You’ll never wait so long
Here comes your man

-Pixies, Doolittle

One of the more well-known hits from the 80s alternative rock band Pixies, “Here Comes Your Man,” was written by the group’s frontman Black Francis when he was a teenager. When the Pixies formed, they all dubbed the song as “too pop” for their image, but it was this venture into a different genre that brought them mainstream success. The song opens with a bluesy and funky discordant strum, coined as the Hendrix Chord, often favored by the band’s guitarist Joey Santiago. Bassist and co-vocalist Kim Deal carries the song, delivering a powerful bassline while providing simple yet ethereal vocals that contrast the rock nature of the song.

“Look at us now (Honeycomb)”

We unraveled a long time ago
We lost & we couldn’t let it go
I wish it was easy, but it isn’t so

– Daisy Jones & The Six, Aurora

This song comes from the Prime Video book-to-show adaptation of Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Reid, known for her historical fiction novels, including DJATS, has won three Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Historical Fiction. Daisy Jones & The Six is a fictional 70s rock band based on the real-life British-American rock band Fleetwood Mac. Frankie Pine, the music supervisor for the show, put the actors through a “band camp,” teaching them to sing and perform, effectively turning them into a real band. The show’s soundtrack has been released as the album being created in the limited series and sold as a vinyl record. “Look At Us Now” is perfect for old music lovers who also enjoy the creative nature of modern pop.

“Joshua Tree”

Give me paradise
I’ll eclipse the stars & fall like ones before
I’m like Aphrodite
& it’s fine to only know the things I know

-Carly Rae Jepsen, The Loneliest Time

There are many songs about California and, even more specifically, about the Joshua Tree National Park, but none of those songs are by the Canadian darling Carly Rae Jepsen. With her hypnotic melodies & lyrical imagery, Jepsen confronts her relationship between herself and the rest of the world. This song celebrates the beauty of experiencing life for the first time while making mistakes and achieving dreams.

“Across the universe”

Sounds of laughter shades of earth are ringing
Through my open ears inciting & inviting me
Limitless undying love which shines around me like a
Million suns, it calls me on & on
Across the universe

-Fiona Apple, Pleasantville: Music from the Motion Picture

John Lennon of The Beatles was inspired to write this song based on the ancient Indian philosophy of “Jai guru deva” and the whole band’s interest in Transcendental Meditation. Fiona Apple’s cover of the song adds a soulful quality that grounds the listener as they listen to a ballad about the nature of life and the undying nature of love. Apple’s version’s calm, slow nature makes it seem like this song is her form of meditation while she ponders the world. This psychedelic folk song is a guaranteed good way to waste five minutes and seven seconds while relaxing outside.

“Taking Pictures of You”

I have a secret I need to tell you
Exquisite visions fill up my mind
Do you remember me taking pictures of you
As the light came through?

-The Kooks, Junk of the Heart

“Taking Pictures Of You” is a personal favorite that evokes feelings of nostalgia for my youth or the spring of my life. The Kooks, a post-punk band formed in the early 2000s, intertwine airy tunes with decisive guitar riffs that complement their emotional vocals. “Taking Pictures Of You” is one of those songs that aims to remind you that existence itself is a gift & the memories we take with us are precious.

“Good Song”

Sleeping but my work’s not done
I could be lying on an atom bomb
I’ll take care cause I know you’ll be there
& you seem very beautiful to me

-Blur, Think Tank

This song from Blur, despite not doing well on the charts, is a fan favorite due to its message about the simple pleasures of life. Joy can be found even in the simplest parts of life because we are alive and experiencing life together. “Good Song” reminds listeners that despite all the evil in this world, good persists and will persist as long as we can appreciate life. This track feels perfect for spring because it reminds me of renewal and rebirth.

“Happy Now”

Baby, if you miss me, you should text
Won’t ever forget me, you won’t
Promise you’ll take the stars out the sky
Make them all align just for us

– Kali Uchis, Red Moon In Venus

The last song on this list, and the last track on Kali Uchis’s new album Red Moon in Venus, is a tribute to those who desire to let go of all the drama in life and instead prioritize achieving happiness. In this song, Uchis comes to the realization that it is okay to let go of the people that have hurt her so she can move on to a more peaceful phase of life. This song is a tribute to the ending of a bad season of your life, to let new life flourish where it was once dark and cold. “Happy Now” is a song that I feel embodies everything that Spring represents. Uchis’s voice is nothing short of melodic and ethereal as she vocalizes throughout the song bringing a bubbly effect to a song with heavy metaphors on the “cosmic condition.”

The whole playlist can be found below, with additional songs that will keep the good vibes going all season long. Enjoy the last weeks of the spring semester!

Faith Mathis

U Conn '25

Faith is a sophomore at the University of Connecticut pursuing a BA in Psychology. She enjoys listening to pretentious music, playing cute games, and making fun of the university's architecture.