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Fall Wardrobe Essentials to Help You Navigate the East Coast Weather

We have all seen the cute fall Pinterest posts, and the inspiring fall vsco photos, filled with big fuzzy sweaters and cute little boots. And while those fall fashion items are super cute and classic, actually dressing for the fall in New England can be pretty tricky. In the morning it’s super cold, in the day time it’s scorching hot, and by the evening again it’s back to being icy. Maybe it’s climate change or maybe it’s just the Northern East Coast, but here are 5 fall wardrobe essentials to help you navigate the indecisive fall weather.


Flannels are an underrated fashion piece for the fall time. Yes, flannels may give you anywhere from a cute fashion piece to dad trucker vibes, but a good flannel can replace you having to grab a bulky jacket that you’ll end up carrying around your arm by noon. They are warm but also light enough to wrap around your waist if it gets too hot.  For cool crisp nights around the fire with the people you love, or an early morning walk to class, a flannel is the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe for those days where it’s not too hot and not too cold. 

Turtle Necks

Turtlenecks are an underrated fashion piece in the fall. Not only does it keep you warm, but it also makes you look like you put more effort into your outfit than you actually did. If you have an occasion where you need to dress classy or an occasion that’s casual, a nice turtleneck will be your best friend. Keep it cropped so you’re not completely overheating during the days it’s a little bit warmer. 


This summer, big chunky white sneakers were all the rage, but you can bring that trend into the fall. Everyone loves breaking out the boots and booties for the fall but sneakers still make your legs feel sane when it gets to be hot throughout the day. They’re easy and they don’t take away any of your fall aesthetic

Ripped Jeans

Ripped Jeans are a fan favorite for the fall. Not only are they super stylish, but they are actually super practical for the fall. They let your legs breathe without letting them be too cold. (No pun intended but) they pair with everything! And they can carry over into all the seasons (yes even winter).

Fall on the east coast doesn’t last for too long, but hopefully these style pieces will help you feel and look good as we dive more and more into the season!



Ayannah Brown is a new featured writer to the Her Campus chapter at UCONN. Ayannah is in her Sophomore year at University of Connecticut and is studying Journalism. When she's not writing for Her Campus, you can find her traveling, Hanging out with friends, going to concerts and posting singing videos to her Youtube channel. She hopes to one day change the world with her voice.
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