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The Best Fall Festivals To Attend In New England

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

It’s comfy season everyone! Fall is the season where we get to see the most beautiful changes around us and have the best activities to do. We finally don’t have the scorching hot weather preventing us from wearing hoodies or sweatpants anymore. Some of my favorite fall activities include pumpkin carving, apple picking, corn mazes, and best of all — festivals. These are some of the best festivals surrounding the New England area.

1. the big e

This is one of the most known fairs in the New England area. The Big E, short for the Eastern States Exposition, is one of the largest and most iconic annual fairs in the United States. People come from all over to be able to experience this festival. It includes so much ranging from food, games, rides, vendors, a petting zoo, concerts, and so much more. For adults, it’s $20 and for children, it’s $12 so it’s pretty reasonably priced. As for the food, there is a wide variety of things to get, mostly including a fast and easy bite. This fair is a fun and exciting all-day family event. There is something for all ages and is talked about very highly in the New England area. The Big E is a cultural exchange where you get to check out all the awesome traditions, talents, and flavors of the six states, and it’s a total blast for everyone who goes. My friends and I love this festival; we take the whole day as a road trip and do every activity possible until we can not walk anymore. All the rides are super fun and can give you such a thrill.

2. Apple Harvest Festival 

The Apple Harvest Festival in Southington, Connecticut is an annual event celebrating autumn and is enjoyed by many fall lovers. This festival typically features a wide range of family-friendly activities, including live music performances, carnival rides and games, arts and crafts vendors, and a variety of delicious food options. One of the best parts of the festival is the apple-themed attractions, such as apple pie-eating contests, apple fritters, and cider tastings. These can be cute activities to do with your significant other or friends! The Apple Harvest Festival provides an opportunity for local businesses and artisans to showcase their products while bringing the community together. I have heard from so many people that this festival brings so many people together and truly has that fall feel to it. 

3. Durham Fair

The Durham Fair is a cherished tradition; one of Connecticut’s most visited and popular events for all ages. Its general admission costs $18 and children under 11 are free. This fair has a range of attractions for all ages like vendor booths, must-have food, dazzling fireworks, live entertainment, arts and crafts, museums, wine and beer tasting, as well as rides and games. The excitement of the rides and games create a fun atmosphere, while educational exhibits provide a great learning experience. The fair is ever-evolving, meaning each year there are new and exciting experiences waiting for you. This keeps visitors coming back each year looking for more. I have also been to this fair; it holds such a variety of people walking all around. It has a very active environment with people looking at vendors and engaging in the activities being held. 

4. New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival 

The New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival is a lively event held in the town of Laconia. Locals and visitors from all over come to celebrate the pumpkin season. They include hayrides which, as we all know, kids love. This festival is a very kid-friendly one, and besides the hayride, they also have a climbing wall, bungee jumping, and inflatable bounces. After a full day of fun and food, you get to experience the nighttime illumination. This includes multiple craved pumpkins lighting up creating a warm and exciting experience. This festival is a must-visit for anyone who loves fall and the beauty of pumpkins. 

5. Garlic and Harvest Festival 

This festival is a Connecticut delight. The multiple amounts of incredible garlic-infused dishes are what keep this festival on the map. People create dishes that you wouldn’t ever think of. The best part is they let you try all the dishes. Besides just the food, the festival offers live music, craft vendors, cooking demonstrations, and activities for children, making it a fantastic outing for the whole family. It’s during the time of the season when the trees start to change color which is personally my favorite time of year.

I definitely have a soft spot for fall and what comes with it. I hope you all are able to experience these fun festivals and have the same adventure I was able to get while there. These festivals embody the feeling of fall and create a stronger community in New England.

Hi, my name is Evelyn! I am a freshman at the University of Connecticut. Most of my nights are spent either watching Netflix or hanging out with my friends. I am involved in Her Campus, WIB, and Crafting Care.