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Fall Date Ideas For You And Your Spooky Boo

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Fall is creeping upon us and surely you know what that means, right? Apple picking, candy corn, haunted hayrides, and pumpkin spice lattes, of course. Oh, right… and it’s officially cuffing season. There’s no better time for sparks to fly than cuddling up at ‘end of summer’ bonfires, jumping into each other’s arms at haunted houses, and getting messy while carving pumpkins. 

But enough of my love for fall and for playing cupid. Here are all the dates you and your spooky boo need to go on this fall: 

1. Pumpkin picking. 

Make this classic fall tradition even more romantic by picking out a pumpkin you both love, whether small, big, flawed, or perfectly round, and split the cost so the two of you can head back home and carve it together. 

2. Carve pumpkins. 

See date #1 above for details on how to obtain said pumpkin the two of you can carve. Make it even more fun by roasting the seeds and snacking on them while you create your masterpiece. 

3. Try a haunted house. 

I’ll say this once and once only, there is nothing that brings couples together more than getting spooked together. Bring on the mummies and zombies!

4. Or try a corn maze. 

Get lost together and use your problem-solving and collaborative skills to find your way out. Plus, sometimes the mazes are haunted, making it even more exciting.

5. Go on a hike at sunrise or sunset. 

Fall is the perfect time for a hike, with all the colorful leaves and a pretty views at the end. Plus, it’s free and can make for a perfect group date option. 

6. Have a picnic with a couple of friends.

Pack some lunches with friends and eat them together in the park. Bring a Frisbee or ball to toss around after as well, or challenge the boys to a girls against guys game of touch football. 

7. Bake Halloween cookies together. 

Ever heard the saying “the way to man’s heart is through his stomach?” It’s finally time to test that theory out, and your friends will love you for it, too. Bake some sweet treats and then head on a romantic walk to all of your friends’ dorm rooms to deliver them. 

8. Have a scary movie marathon. 

Scary movies are great all year round, but October is the time you can really go all out! It’s the perfect way to snuggle up together, so take advantage and plan a list of the two of your favorites, alternating who picks what’s next up. 

Molly Claire is a Journalism and Communication double major at UConn. She has a weird thing for killer whales, is a Hufflepuff, probably watches way more reality tv than is recommended. Molly's guilty pleasures include Shawn Mendes, pasta, and sunglasses collecting. She is in her fourth year as a pescatarian, and sometimes even she forgets. Molly's favorite things to blog about include college, greek life, travel, and The Bachelor. Check out her personal blog here and her other social media @mollyclairexo on Instagram and Twitter.