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Fall 2016 Bucket List: 16 Things all True Huskies Did this Semester

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

As the fall semester comes to a close, not only has the stress for finals officially started, but most of us have started reflecting on these past few months here in Storrs. As we move our vests and thin shirts to the back of our closet and prepare for the brutal winter that will soon be upon us in full force, check out this list to make sure you did all the things that make a fall semester at UConn so special.

1. Went to a UConn Basketball Game (Men’s and/or Women’s)

If you haven’t shown support for either of our amazing basketball teams, do you even go to UConn?

2. Sat on the Union Lawn

Such a luxury that we won’t have until so late in the spring semester. Instead of wanting to maximize our time in the lawn under our favorite tree, most of our time outdoors will be spent hustling to get to the nearest bus, building, car or just anything heated.  

3. Voted in the Election

For most of us, this was the first election we could take part in so what better place to do it than at the Mansfield community center?

4. Pet Both Jonathans

Extra credit if you got a picture and/or kisses.

5. Got at Least One Apple Cider Donut

Nothing feels more like fall than walking onto Fairfield Way on a sunny day and immediately smelling nothing but the warm sugary goodness.  

6. Had One Late Night with Homer Babbidge

No matter how good you are at procrastinating and cramming, an all-night study session is inevitable for most–pain is temporary, GPA is forever.

7. Went to First Night

Truly the greatest celebration of the year here in the basketball capital of the world: the start of basketball season.

8. Tailgated at Rentschler

The only thing worth getting up early for on Saturday mornings.

9. Got a Free T-Shirt from a University-Sponsored Event

Maybe you were walking through the union at the the right time or you got lucky and caught a shirt at one of the sporting events.

10. Waited in a Long Line (for something worth waiting for)

Maybe for a free T-shirt, Stuff-A-Husky, or just free food. At a university of over 18,000 students, long lines are everywhere. You simply can’t avoid them all.

11. Went to the Dairy Bar

How could anyone go a full semester without Husky Tracks or any of the other homemade ice cream flavors??

12. Tried One of the New Restaurants in Storrs Center

Kathmandu Kitchen, Tea More Cafe, and Toasted are all amazing additions to the Storrs Center food family (with even more new restaurants opening next semester!).

13. Took Part in a Homecoming Activity

Even if you just watched LipSync, ate some food at the carnival, or tailgated before the game, it’s hard to avoid all things homecoming.  

14. Did a mannequin challenge

Running man is so last spring, it’s all about the mannequin challenge and there were many MCs that happened right here in Storrs over the past few months (check out the HC UConn mannequin challenge!).

15. Visited Horsebarn Hill

The best place to see Instagram-worthy foliage is from obviously from the top of Horsebarn Hill.

16. Noticed All Things Different About the Co-Op UConn Bookstore

I know change is hard, and even though there are no more secret sales and a lot of overpriced merchandise, who can’t appreciate a mug wall?  


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