Everything You Need to Know About the Lizzie McGuire Reboot


Everything You Need to Know About the Lizzie McGuire Reboot

If you grew up watching Lizzie navigating her way through junior high with her best pals Miranda and Gordo by her side, you probably freaked out when you saw Hilary Duff’s instagram post announcing an upcoming reboot of the Lizzie McGuire series. The short video posted in late August features some of the best moments of both live and animated Lizzie accompanied by a caption expressing Duff’s excitement for the upcoming reboot. Though the series’ arrival isn’t set until 2020, here are some things we already know about Lizzie’s return to our screens.


Lizzie’s All Grown Up!

The original series follows Lizzie at age 13, but just as all of the show’s viewers have now grown up, so has she; the reboot will follow a 30 year old Lizzie in her adult life, engaged and working. Duff told Good Morning America that Lizzie is working as an apprentice for a designer, and the series will follow her through her adventures in both her professional and personal lives. 

Alexa, play City Girls

Though the original series takes place in Lizzie’s small, suburban neighborhood, the reboot will start in the bustle of New York City. As the story progresses, she will be returning to Los Angeles, though we don’t yet know why she makes this change. 


Who’s Coming Back?

So far, there hasn’t been any confirmation of other original cast members returning for the reboot; Duff expressed in initial interviews her desire to feature past characters into the new series, so hopefully we’ll be seeing some of our favorites returning to our screens. (Ethan Craft cameo? Yes please!)

What happens with Lizzie and Gordo?

One of the most anticipated parts of the reboot has been an update on Lizzie and Gordo’s relationship; in the original series, Gordo had a long-time crush on Lizzie that didn’t come to fruition until the final scene of The Lizzie McGuire Movie, where they finally share their first kiss in Italy and we all collectively swooned at this prime example of middle school romance. Unfortunately, Duff confirmed that Lizzie will be engaged to someone who is not Gordo, but that he still could make an appearance as a good friend at some point in the show (fingers crossed). 

Most importantly...

it has been confirmed that animated Lizzie will be returning for the reboot (and she’ll even be wearing the same iconic outfit as in the original). With everything we know so far, and our favorite cartoon character making a comeback, it sounds like this reboot will definitely be what dreams are made of!